Season 2019 - Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide

Coach – Ken Hinkley

2018 –
Points For – 13th
Points Against – 5th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Justin Westhoff
  2. Tom Jonas
  3. Ollie Wines
  4. Robbie Gray
  5. Jared Polec

2018 Rising Star Noms

Riley Bonner (Round 1)

Ins – Ryan Burton, Scott Lycett, Sam Mayes, Robin Cox, Connor Rozee, Zac Butters, Xavier Duursma, Riley Grundy, Boyd Woodcock

Outs – Dom Barry, Jack Hombsch, Emmanuel Ira, Jake Neade, Lindsay Thomas, Jasper Pittard, Jared Polec, Will Snelling, Chad Wingard

My Prediction

Port proved a lot of pundits wrong last year, after a good 2017 it was thought they had recruited well enough to be a challenger in 2018. Of course in retrospect, they had taken one previously reliable player with attitude issues and two flakey players who occasionally had pretty good games. The only player who didn’t live up to his previous billing was Rockliff who was let down by his body and his attitude.

The backline is solid. They found a very handy one in Houston through their rookie list. The backline performed well for most of the year. It lacked some genuine class in running out of half back but I think the addition of Burton will give them a real class user and free up someone like Hartlett to take over the Polec role of soft outside runner who delivers the ball well into the forward 50. Clurey and Jonas give them good cover down back and all in all it looks pretty solid.

The midfield is a concern, some of the players that looked good in previous years haven’t kicked on. SPP looked stunning in his rookie year but barely SANFL standard last year, Wines is gold but got nowhere near enough support. They need Rockliff to have his body and attitude right this year and they need Boak to turn the clock back along with Ebert. Even then you are relying on someone like Motlop turning around a career of underperformance. It just doesn’t look anywhere near good enough to match it with the best teams.

The forward line is an interesting one. Westhoff somehow keep defying his aging. Dixon lost his mojo a bit last year but he is more than capable and if his body is right, he gives them a really good focal point. Robbie Gray is a superstar and the other Gray had a pretty good year but they still need someone like Neade or Thomas and I was surprised to see them both delisted. I don’t see a huge amount of natural development in their forward line this year which will be a concern. Losing Wingard makes them a lot more one dimensional and if Dixon doesn’t really turn it on, I think they will be in trouble.

The rucks are as good as anyone. Ryder and Lycett as back up gives them flexibility and a solid ruck team. I think both can play together although Ryder is always a concern when he isn’t the number one ruck. The coach has credits in the bank, I think again like his neighbour, Pyke, another year of failure and the pressure will start to mount.

How you see Port depends whether you buy into the 2017 version or the 2018 version. I think the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle but the 2018 model seems more believable. I think even in 2017 it felt like they had over performed. I don’t think they have a top eight sort of list but they have a strong home ground advantage and a list that will win enough games to have them in contention for a fair portion of the year before missing out. Will finish between 10-12 for mine.


Tarp City are finished. Possibly the most arrogant, entitled club in the AFL. Still cling onto 2014 as if that’s their level, but everything they’ve done since suggest that it was a blip and their normal level is what they’ve produced across 2015-18. Hinkley would have to be one of the more under pressure coaches in the comp, he’s lucky he signed a long-term deal because Port probably don’t have the financial muscle to afford a payout. Biggest issue for mine is their disposal. For a team that was supposedly one of the most skilful they butcher it, let by Wines. SPP is a Don’t Argue minus the Dustin Martin part. Polec and Wingard are a bunch of front-runners but they will miss them because they are 2 of their players who actually could be relied upon to hit a target by foot. Lycett is a good FA pick-up given Ryder’s durability is a concern. Burton can play but I don’t see him being a midfield option, which has been mooted given the plethora of half-back types in their ranks.

I agree, a middle third finish (7th-12th) beckons. I’d lean towards another Septemberless camapign and Ken under some pressure by season’s end.


Powell-Pepper is six months older than McGrath.
He had a bad 2018, but I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Having said that, it seems to me that their list is overwhelmingly filled with players who used to be a lot better and honest toilers.
I think they’re going to have some headline making losses this year, and have people asking ‘where to now for Port?’
There are too many genuinely bad teams for them to bottom out too much, but I’d expect 14th-11th.

Best 22
B: Houston Clurey Byrne-Jones
HB: Bonner Jonas Burton
C: Hartlett Wines Motlop
HF: R Gray Westoff Watts
F: Rozee Dixon Lycett
R: Ryder Ebert Rockliff
Int: Powell-Pepper Boak S Gray Howard

Emg: Sam Mayes, Todd Marshall, , Xavier Duursma

Depth: Matthew Broadbent,Karl Amon, Trent McKenzie, Jack Trengove

They need motlop in the midfield for pace, and Robbie Gray too. As Rockliff, WInes, Ebert, Boak, Powell-Pepper are a bit one paced. I am assuming that Hartlett is moved to a midfield role, and they run with Bonner and Burton as young attacking half backs.
Rozee should play games up forward as they have gotten rid of small foward depth - Neade, Thomas, Barry and Wingard flown the coop as well. Ryder/Lycett to share ruck duties, Dixon to stay in the forwardline.
Not sure if Mayes is in the best 22, maybe he is in instead of Howard?

I think Port will have another down year before rising back up into finals contention in 2020

Prediction: 10th to 15th
Rising star Nominees: Connor Rozee (rd2), Xavier Duursma (rd17)

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Ryder will never win a Flag, and that fills me with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.
He can get F*CKED !


I’m not sure there’s much upside to Powell-Pepper and his reputation has come from him being a man-child.


I’m not discounting that possibility.
But he’s been playing in the midfield since pretty much his first game, and he is still ridiculously young by any standard.
I’m not prepared to write him off just yet.

One thing I will miss when we play Port is Walla running down Jasper Pittard. But Good Friday v North, I can’t wait!

the Port draftees were at my gym yesterday morning. Nice bit of scenery, shame about the shirt!


How could they ever think Watts, Trengove and Lindsay Thomas would improve their list?
Team full of spuds.


someone on that list management team got too clever and thought they could pick up a few bargains. it has backfired spectacularly.

remember when they apparently “won” the trade period? while we picked up SSS?


Halfway through last year they were challenging for top 4. Then the wheels fell off. It was glorious. Krazy Kenny!

they had a tremendously easy fixture too

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The difference between their recruiting and our last year was they got a bunch of spuds, we picked up 3 quality players. Lycett is a very good addition, but the loss of Wingard will hurt both their midfield and their ability to hit up leading targets as well as impact the scoreboard. SPP is built like a brick, but his disposal is woeful. He also needs to develop his footy smarts. Wines is also a midfield bull, but he has a lot of the heavy lifting to do, and was targeted heavily for close attention last season. He needs more support in the guts for Port to be competitive. Westhoff is a marvel, looks unfashionable, but gets the job done. Dixon is also more than useful when fit, and Robbie Grey is elite. After that they look like they lack depth, l don’t rate Watts, never have. 2019 looks like more of the same from Port. Bring on the mediocrity.


Anyone who thought they were going to climb because they picked up Watts, Rockliff, Motlop and Lindsay Thomas knows SFA about football. Hard to see them improve this year.

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Severe reprimand for lustful thoughts on non-Bombers !


Sums up the media nicely.


I really like Rozee.

That’s all I got - because I farkin hate these carnts and hope they crash, burn, get boiled, mashed, thrown in a filthy corner, are drenched in seal fat, set alight, shat on, steam-rolled, scraped of the roller barrel and dropped in the ocean for fish to eat then ■■■■ out again.


Tell us what you really think

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Heavens above… the poor seal.

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