Season 2019 - Port Adelaide


I am not sure if I understood this correctly: Are you saying you DON’T like Port Kochie?


Port looked absolutely listless the last 2 times we played them and made us look brilliant. One would think they would perform better. Horrible team, and I reckon they will find it hard to score much at all, Rockliff seems to be playing for his super. leaving it all to Westoff in his dottage, Gray and Wines.


Ollie chose to stay there. It’s on him now.


There are a lot of things on the list NOT to like about Port, and very few on the things to like.

They have a few good young players, and a couple of reasonable stars, but to me seem a team that has been patched together. I always think they end up on the ladder well above where I expect them to be.

I reckon 8-10 is a reasonable spot.

I still cant forgive JUDAS Ryder’s action and Kochie’s comments during the saga…and the Tarps.


I still haven’t forgiven Wanganeen. You can just imagine what I think of Judas.


Be fair - about 90% of this board (and many other punters) agreed.

Particularly on Rockliff, the thread on him was tremendous.


i had massive wraps on Rockliff but thats one i file in the “glad to be wrong” folder.

on the surface he was perfect for our midfield needs at the time. but at Port hes been ordinary at best. its a good lesson that the recruitment team has an idea what their doing.


Yeah well that’s classic Blitz. I thought they were terrible pickups and never wanted Rockliff.


Yeh I wanted Rockliff too, but think he was knocked back on off field stuff plus salary, plus age.
And in hindsight would have locked cash away making it harder to get Shiel.

He had a poor year, but would have delivered more tHan Myers.

I still think he can have a better year this year.
Surprised he went to port given they have lots of similar kids to him and we were after one of his ilk.

Also might add Langford’s development and stringer also happened, which may have been lost if we got Rockliff.

Recruitment team had reason not to select him.
I wasn’t that foreword thinking. Just looking for a jobe replacement.


was it actually established that we made him an offer?


Rockliff? Pretty sure we weren’t interested at all. Which was always the right decision


Yep, thank god port won trade week


Not really.
Certainly not $700k more



Same average possessions. More average contested possessions and clearances by Myers.


Yes but at port he was behind wines, Ebert Boak etc. and probably playing injured.


Yeah. But at Essendon Myers was behind Zerrett Smith Hepp and certainly played injured.


Most improved.

No way Rocky wins that.

End of discussion.


There’s only one good thing about port adelaide, there’s only one of them and they are in SA.

Ps their Indigenous programs are alright I guess


Its interesting reading in this thread as I’ve read very similar things said about us from opposition fans. Like Port we had a better 2017 & recruited heavily leading to the expectation of bigger things. Ultimately we both ended up in the same position of missing finals & having disappointing years. I’ve read people suggest the recruitment of SSS was a failure for us because of the results like 1 year is all that matters. Some seem to be looking at Port’s recruiting with the same type of limitations. Thomas was always short term but the rest have a few more years of service.

I think we need to remember that after round 19 Port were top 4 then lost to the Crows by 3 points & WC by 4 points so they were very close to a top 4 finish & potentially home final(s). Their best was still pretty strong even though they had some shocking games as well. I think they still have the potential to be a top 8 side especially given their home ground advantage. Losing Wingard is big, he was just starting to play more mid time so I assume that was their plans but the other guy who had a very good year for them was Polec, his run will be missed. Burton is a good addition but doesn’t really make up for the losses up the ground unless as suggested it frees up someone like Hartett who only played 5 games last year but could be a massive recruit if he can get back to anywhere near his best.

Looking at their draw I think their fate could end up being decided by the showdowns. I think they can win around 10-11 other games so 2 wins against the Crows is the difference between securing finals & another finish around 10th.


On Rockliff, he was the wrong age demographic and far too expensive. By the time our young talent peaks, Rockliff will be retired. The cash he would have tied up would have just tied our hands at chasing more young talent.

Port are throwing everything at the now, Essendon are aiming for 5+ years of dominance.