Season 2019 - Port Adelaide


i cant even remember what its like to have a team like that. i dont think id know what to do with that kind of success :stuck_out_tongue:


All three are short term.


You’d work it out.


I recon we’d give them a run for their money looking at your second sentence


Every year I think they’re a few wins better than they actually are. Well, nobody fools Henry’s Angry Pills 5 years in a row.


It’d be interesting to see who wins out port or north in the “fold” or “pissant club” competitions



Basically would’ve come down to Rockliff or Shiel, wouldn’t it?

I know who I would rather have…


This is what happens when you listen to too much The Who.


Tarps set to announce Co-Captains. Ollie Wines And Tom Jonas.

yet another club with a high profile signing over the year who have handed over a joint captaincy…


How many ■■■■■ do you have to have on your list before you make Jonas a co-captain?


Reasonably sure the Jonas thing is a joke. They aren’t going to make one of the judges from the Voice a captain of their football team.


Doesn’t the Port captain wear No. 1? If they have co-captains will their number be 1/2?


Wines is great skipper material!
Farks his shoulder water skiing and may need surgery


Surprised they are allowed to water ski. Port fans will be spewing!


They’re probably not.


Trying to emulate Adelaide’s preseason and misunderstood the term “ water boarding”.


The tarps are eating their own over on their big footy board. Pretty much everything you could think of is getting hurled at Wines.


Port should stick to downhill skiing not water skiing.


They could just run around in a tarp together