Season 2019 - Port Adelaide


can you please screencap a few? :smiley:


Is it true that Jonas was driving the boat? That would be simply awesome!


No waaaaaaaaaay.


I found some footage:




Holy crap, send us Wines if you don’t want 'im!


He should have remembered what happened to Ronnie James.


Rode the tiger, not waterskiis.


Ollies been down too long in the midnight sea


The club claiming Wines had permission to water ski. Yeah right…


He has waterskiing photos from past years on instagram so it is possible he had permission. Apparently quite a few players were there. I call it bad governance by Kochie and Hinkley.


Well shitt, you can’t keep young blokes wrapped up in cotton wool for their entire summer, fark.

I reckon it’s almost certain he had permission to water ski. PLenty of players are allowed to surf when they are off, … hell, even during the season at times, … our own skipper included,… (at least off season. ICR if at anytime right now?), … and you can do just as much damage if not more doing that, trust me.


McKernan has just returned from a snow skiing trip in U.S. hasn’t he? So it’s very plausible Wines had permission.


There’s insta video’s on HS online article of him doing wakeboard backflips in 2017

Grew up on the murray IIRC so been into that stuff for ages no doubt.

Not sure how it gets let through by the club though once hit AFL system.


is it the clubs fault of wines fault?



Wouldn’t surprise me.
Danger and Fyfe are basically allowed to do whatever they want.

Plus one of the more serious off field injuries I can remember occurred gardening in the backyard (Brad Ottens).


At least while he’s backflippin on the Murray, he’s got little to no chance of getting bowled over by a Tram Truck or Car crossing Melbourne streets, right?? :smirk:



Onset water-ski injury