Season 2019 - Port Adelaide


There are worse ways to hit the white powder during the off season


There goes our chance of getting Tex.


by the sounds of it, were going to be up to our ears in father sons. if we miss out on one of them, i dont think we will be too saddened. Tex should choose whoever he wants to choose


Worth a shot!


By the time it’s Tex’s draft year, we will have Walla and Mozzie tearing teams apart and won 5 back-to-back premierships. And Port will be rolling out the tarps once more. It’ll be an easy choice.


last i heard, tex wanted essendon, a lot of can change though, and the work port is doing in the indigenous areas are way ahead of anyone else.



Given Tom Brown’s recent record in basically reporting that Zac Merret did his knee, I’m running with the announcement that Jack Watts is going to be skipper.


…and he’s throwing a party to celebrate!


He’s no Davey(s)*.

*I don’t know this.