Season 2019 - St Kilda

St Kilda

Coach – Alan Richardson

2018 –
Points For – 14th
Points Against –16th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jack Steven
  2. Seb Ross
  3. Jack Steele
  4. Jade Gresham
  5. Jarryn Geary

2018 Rising Star Noms

Ben Long (Rnd 5)
Hunter Clark (Rnd 13)

Ins – Dean Kent, Dan Hannebery, Max King, Jack Bytel, Matthew Parker, Nick Hind, Robbie Young, Callum Wilkie,

Outs – Ray Connellan, Nathan Freeman, Sam Gilbert, Hugh Goddard, Tom Hickey, Darren Minchington, Koby Stevens, Maverick Weller, Nathan Wright

My Prediction

St Kilda had their injury problems and plenty of excuses for their poor year last year, a year when a lot of people thought they may rise up the ladder. What became obvious though was the lack of depth in the list and what looks to be short term planning and a lack of understanding as to where their list is really at. The recruitment of Hannebery says to me that they still overestimate their list and are trying to find short term solutions for long term problems.

The backline is light on for genuine key position talent. We know how good Carlisle can be but he is a third tall and not a genuine key position stopper. Nathan Brown battles hard but he is 30 and undersized. Max King may get a run this year down back but he is a kid. Webster was a good runner of the half back line and gave them drive but there are real worries about the shape of the backs and are going to need really good team defence to protect them.

The midfield lacks pace and run. They went and picked up a deteriorating one paced midfield from Sydney who will not solve their problems. Jack Steven is a genuine star and in a good team would be outstanding. Ross had a really solid year as well but it is the outside run that they lack. They need Long to develop quickly and they need Billings to live up to his promise and then someone like Hind to come in and make a difference. I don’t think there is enough talent there to improve.

The forward line could be a ripper, I rate McCartin and think last year he started to show his ability. This year I think he should have a real run at it. Membrey or Bruce play good second and tall forwards who need consistency but have ability. Battle showed some promise even if raw and then Gresham gave plenty. I thought Newnes looked pretty good in patches as well. There is the bones of a solid forward line there and enough development left to believe that if they get enough ball, they could kick a winning score.

The rucks are a genuine concern, I think Hickey may have been their best last year and they traded him away. They are going to leave it in the hands of Longer which leaves them as probably the worse ruck department in the AFL. The coach is in dire straits, this will surely be his final year at St Kilda. There is no way they can win enough games for him to be there again.

The Saints are all plaster desperately trying to hide the cracks that absolutely everyone knows are there. I don’t think they will go lower than last year because there are two teams who are pretty dreadful but I don’t see them climbing up the ladder either. 15th or 16th for mine and Robert Harvey to be coaching by the split round.




Most irrelevant club in the AFL. At least Norf try to stay relevant, even if it is just because their coach is a sook. Still thinking bottom 4, hannebury is banged up, key forwards still need another couple of years


That would have to be the most uninspiring top 5 bnf for any club in a long time.


Love your work @Allblack but Carlisle a 3rd tall? Wtf??

His best football was 2013 when he was taking the best opposition forward each week.


Richardson has to be a moral to get sacked at some point. I just don’t see how they can win enough games to keep him his job. They seem to have done well in the draft. King is one of the top key forward prospects, Jack Bytel slid in the draft, and we know Nick Hind well and I think he can have an impact. But the rest of it doesn’t fill you with much enthusiasm. Hannebery has hit the jackpot but that’s a really poor deal for the Saints. I’d be surprised if they won more than 6 games.

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I agree about Richardson. If they’re expecting anything more than about 8 wins the pressure will be on him very quickly

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McCartin is possibly only one or two more concussions away from retiring


As Jake Carlisle says every time he runs out in red white and black these days. “This club is farked”


I bet Carlisle is wishing we did the Hawks deal now!

Their midfield depth is as bad as GCS, and I really feel for Steven, as he would be a great midfielder in any side, but the timing on his career means he will probably never get there unless he moves.

McCartin is a bust. Billing’s has potential but is not a midfielder you can build around, if he’s a midfielder at all.

The saints has a very Essendon in the Knights era about them. Which makes me think Richardson was as much to blame there too.

Bottom four for me.


I reckon they’re not that far off. (Albeit “not far off” mediocrity, not anything particularly special.)

2018 their ball movement into 50 was just abysmal. Lots of chipping, indirect, sideways, slow movement. 2nd in the league for handballs says it all.
Looked like no confidence in the forward setup, not particularly surprising when one of the all-time greats has retired. I don’t think it’d take all that much for them to get a bit of confidence to go quick, and that would improve them heaps just in itself.

Probably not happening yet. KP stocks are shocking. 5-6 wins for mine.

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They couldn’t afford to pay him out.

Fkn peasants.


This so much.
How can the biggest money pit in the AFL afford to pay him out.
Their financial situation is dire and I honestly think they could be gone within 5 years

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Will Jake Carlisle say this club is farked when we belt them by 20 points and make the finals?

20 points? Is that a typo?



10.20.80 over 10.0.60 is a belting.


Yes, should read “when they belt us”

Or one or two more cheeseburgers from HJs from retiring. Terrible off field attitude.

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Bulldoze Moorabbin and ship em off to Tassie.

Will finish above Gold Coast (on percentage) and fark Carlton.

Play a heartless type of footy, and I feel the coach has lost the players.

I want to see JOEDAN stand on Carlisle’s head a few times and take mark of the year. Thats the only thought I have about this mob.

Irrelevant and may fold.