Season 2019 - St Kilda



Harvs got smarter after knocks to the head. Remember that time he threw himself into Mick Martyn’s knees then proceeded to kick a bunch of goals?


I remember him accidentally kicking D Bewick in the head whilst attempting to kick C Mainwaring. I also remember him receiving the ‘Worst Haircut in the VFL’ award for about three years running but not the Martyn incident.


Did he get smarter, or was the move to the backline designed to protect him more?

Bit like Vanda really


At the opening bounce, too!

Then Heard did his knee, Long his ribs, Salmon his groin, and Sheeds finally got the rule change to a larger bench.

Best. Loss. Ever.


Sorry about the diversion, but for the kidz:


Windsock game


Think we were both undefeated to that stage too. We feel in massive whole after that iirc.


Just finished my ladder for the year. Wooden spoon coming up for the 'Aints. Have em winning a solitary game only. What did Carlisle say again? :grin:


I actually bought that game on video DJR. The greatest game we ever lost.

Had everything, including a Somerville mark of the year contender, Madden goal of the year contender.


Just a handful of Essendon fans will be “talking about that mark in one hundred years”. Sadly lost to history otherwise.

About the same number of people will remember the post-siren kerfuffle (when a fan leant over the fence to headlock the Weagle out of the fight).

If only they had 50+ FPS cameras back then, so we could see how Cransberg kicked that goal at the end.

I used to feel sorry for Hamilton tagging Peter Matera… but nah, fark him and his AFL gravy train.


Apparently Roberton is expected to announce his retirement. Terrible. But health comes first.


Yep, tragic for the poor guy.
I almost said ‘heart goes out to him’…then realised how inappropriate that would be.


At least you didn’t say, he hasn’t got the ticker for it.


I shouldn’t be laughing yet here I am


Nope just sitting out the year, not retiring.



Desperate times call for desperate measures

Roberton they probably just cover within the clubs squad but with Carlisle also cooked, need a kpd




That Weagle was Don Pyke.


So does all of this mean we can pencil in Round 2 as a win ?
Or will Essington turn up on the 30th of March at AFL Stadium?