Season 2019 - St Kilda


Missed a lot and looked hurt when he played. Probably should have taken the second half of the year off to be honest. Playing in that condition didn’t do him or the side any good.


Looked out of condition. If he even gets back to 80% of what he was, he’ll be a steal for what they paid for him.


Rubbish side. Will finish 17th in 2019, marginally ahead of FC.

Attended the R21 Bombers vs Saints game when we visited OZ last Aug. The Bombers were four men down in that game and still won by 7+ goals. And Nathan Brown can GAGF for his hit on Saad. Agree with others re: Richardson. Will be the first coach to be sacked in 2019.

p.s. Highlight of that game was meeting @Socks_and_Sandals, @Koala, & @Hoffy - @Crazy_Bomber was in the vicinity, however, our paths crossed. Next time.


Screw @Crazy_Bomber


Great to meet you too and all the family. Best bit was knowing that JR Jnr saw his first live Bombers win.


Meeting up with @Socks_and_Sandals is always a pleasure.

St Kilda are utter cack, they’ve really slipped. After that hit on Saad, the following week the suspended Brown hung out with the old Saints supporting nanna who hadn’t been able to attend in yonks for whatever reason was a nice story but considering it was Brown who was lined up to meet her, it utterly reeked of good publicity considering the state of him and the club.


Thx kindly, Hoffy. He enjoyed it way more than I imagined he would.


Saints are barf but richo on 360 is even worse.


that has been the most boring segment in that entire series history. Bucks was great on there when he and Slobbo were basically a step away from belting each other on air


Richo’s a pretty nice bloke in person.
Lives across the road from my folks.


2018 : Meh.
2019 : Meh of the same


really? to me its more

2018: LOL
2019: LMFAO
2020: Every player on their list is named Jack


Expecting bottom four. If they win 7+ games it’s a successful year. Need to dump Richo and start rebuilding again.


So Dan Hannebery has hurt himself. Think he’s expected to be out for 6 or so weeks.

Carlisle apparently hasn’t been training for the last 3 weeks - does he have an injury?


Carlisle has constant management on his back which often seizes up.





Daniher jumping on your back (constantly) will do that to ya




Nah, its too much fun having them in the league. Somehow a club with 27 spoons and 1 flag still manages to have supporters… Astonishing


Used to work with an Iranian woman back from around 2008 to 2012 who had a young son who was a St. Kilda supporter. I did tell her she should try to convince him to support another team as he was in for a lifetime of disappointment…