Season 2019 - St Kilda


Hmmm… In lieu of what’s been mentioned during the last week, I assume this is a genuine mental health issue and not one made up to circumnavigate the AFLs illicit drug policy?


Is he really a star though?

I don’t think he is, but perhaps I have a higher threshold of whom I call a star.



Hes probably not ELITE like Bomberblitz favourite Patrick Cripps but hes the closest thing that they have to a star. Seb Ross or Jade Gresham are 100% not stars


That is exactly what I thought. It is now sad that although some players have genuine mental health concerns, the immediate thought will be something else. Good luck him, and I hope he gets the help he needs and comes back better than ever.


Whether Steven plays or not won’t make a difference to the saints season. They’ll finish bottom 3 guaranteed with or without him.


So round 1, Saints vs Gold Coast. Saints seemingly won’t have Steven, Carlisle and Hannebery.

Could you imagine the fall out for Richo if they lose to the Suns?


This is a sad reaction to a serious issue. Every time someone is publically questioned about the validity of their mental health issues without any proof of otherwise, it just makes it harder for others who have similar issues


He’s cooked


It is sad to have that cynical view re mental health, but after what Riewoldt said about players taking the pi$$ by saying they have a mental health issue to bypass the illicit drug code it does make you wonder whether it is genuine or not. As with anything, rules get manipulated to the nth degree.


While Stevens has taken time off, he did say he hoped to be right for round 1 still.


Carlisle could miss months with a back op apparently


Geez st kilda in trouble
Stevens potentially out
Hanneberry injured
Carlisle injured.
not much talent on their list.

Their culture really got stuffed when they offloaded Dalsanto, Goddard and even more when Reiwoldt retired.


I just can’t put my finger on it, but there’s …something not quite right with that picture.


Flakey Jakey could miss up to 5 months it’s being reported.


His back is f***ed.


Sounds like they’re getting pretty desperate with his back if they’re considering surgery.
The op I suspect he’d be having a bit hit or miss, and is potentially the last option for saving his career.


Jake’s 27 now and has probably played his best footy and is now stuck at a club going no where. How satisfying…


Any truth to the rumour Carlisle was heard to yell “this body is ■■■■■■” on the way out of the treatment room?


But, but, we won the Carslise trade…