Season 2019 - St Kilda


He showed so much promise. I was there when he kicked 8 against the dogs in 2014. Its rare that a player kicks a bag like that.
Then he was rumoured to have a chronic physical problem that would require management for the rest of his career.
Maybe it was his back all along ?


He’s our version of shotgun Williams

EAD Saints


His back was a known issue even before we drafted him. He was injury-managed at u18 level even, and missed a bunch of junior footy. We managed to do pretty well keeping him on the park, tbh.


They really must be wary of doing deals with us. Last 2 has got them Andrew Lovett (never played a game for them) and Carlisle (still a good player but now appears to have a career-threatening injury at age 27)…




The week before kicking 8 against the Dogs he took 19 marks against the Pies. My youngest daughter was born during this purple patch. She arrived on the 22nd - which at the time I referred to as. Jake day. I would have insisted on naming her Jake if she was a boy. So pleased to have dodged that bullet.

She is more than happy with Mozzie wearing her number now!


l take it you mean before JoeDan started using him step ladder to take MOTY, right?


Things aren’t improving’: Saint could miss ‘three, four, five months’

Dinny Navaratnam

ST KILDA’S season may be dealt a brutal blow with the club considering sending important key defender Jake Carlisle in for back surgery.

Carlisle, 27, has been hampered by a disc issue in his back since before Christmas and has struggled to run at times.

Saints football manager Simon Lethlean told Melbourne radio station SEN an operation would set Carlisle back considerably.

“He’s going to need to see a specialist. Things aren’t improving,” Lethlean said.

“He hasn’t been able to train properly for most of January and it’s not getting better, so we need to assess whether surgery’s going to be an option and if it is, that’s going to mean a significant chunk of his season is interrupted.”

The club is desperate to have Carlisle avoid an operation.

“If you’re going under the knife, you’re certainly looking at three, four, five months (on the sidelines),” Lethlean said.

"We’re not quite there yet but we certainly haven’t found an additional alternative that’s making it better right now.

“With a back, the doctors try everything else first before you get surgery. I think we’ll find out in the next couple of days what the next path is going to be there.”

Saints coach Alan Richardson is set to enter the round one clash with Gold Coast having limited tall defensive stocks.

Veteran Nathan Brown is suspended while youngster Oscar Clavarino will be out for up to two months, recovering from a right ankle syndesmosis sprain.

Carlisle is likely to be joined on the sidelines by four-time best and fairest Jack Steven, who has stepped away from the club to deal with mental health issues.

“Jack’s going to go away for about 10 days to spend some time in a different environment with someone he trusts and just do some things that he likes, which will hopefully include some fishing and some golf,” Lethlean said.

"He’s taking a training program with him and if he wants us to send one of our high performance guys across to do some work with him, we will, but he thinks he’ll be able to get that work done with the guys he’s staying with.

“Hopefully he comes back in 10 days wanting to reinsert himself in the program but he might not. He needs to reinsert himself when he’s fit and healthy to do so.”

Making matters worse for Richardson is the likely absence of recruit Dan Hannebery, who is nursing a hamstring complaint.

The 28-year-old is completing a two-week block of hard running before he can re-join full training.

“He’s in a race for round one. He’d be up against it,” Lethlean said.


Gold Coast paying $4 hmmmm


I’ll put a dollor on the Suns.


I think I have sussed their problems out. They dont know who to kick the ball to.
It could be Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, maybe Jack, or it could be Jack, or in a worse case scenario just handball it to Jack,


Good to know that Barrett doesn’t just make up things about us, he spreads that love around.

St Kilda football boss Simon Lethlean has dismissed a scathing report cracks are already showing in the club’s $4 million investment in star recruit Dan Hannebery.

Hannebery’s move to the Saints during the trade period was one of the highest profile moments of the off-season.

However, the 28-year-old’s $4 million, five-year deal with the Saints is already being called into question as the result of an unconfirmed claim he enjoyed a “good off-season”.

Lethlean on Wednesday denied the club has any issues with Hannebery’s off-season conduct, despite AFL journalist Damian Barrett last week reporting Hannebery “got up to a bit of socialising” during his break.

Hannebery was earlier this month unveiled as a member of the St Kilda leadership group — a decision that Barrett claims shocked Swans officials after the Sydney club allowed Hannebery to move on after the 2018 season.

The former Footy Show panellist said Swans officials “fell off their chairs” when first told of Hannebery’s leadership role at the Saints.

“He’s certainly said to have a good off-season,” Barrett said last week on The Sounding Board Podcast.


They gave him 5 years at 4 mill. Bahaha. They are so irrelevant I paid no attention at all to this during trade period.


I thought the same thing. I certainly knew he was going there but had no idea it was for that sort of money. I remember thinking the trade seemed cheap so assumed he must have had big injury ??? Makes no sense, he’s traded for a swap of second rounders & a 3rd round pick so in total its something like 650 draft points or pick 29 (assuming they finish bottom 4) yet they are paying him the equivalent of a high end trade target that you would expect to pay a top 10 pick for. A free agent on that contract would have netted the Swans a 1st round pick.


That was my thinking too. Makes no farking sense at all. Not to mention that his firm and fitness completely feel off a cliff


The only logical conclusion is that the Swans think he’s ■■■■■■ for good and St Kilda reckon they can get him back in form.

I know who I’d be backing to be right


Not sure who else the saints are going to spend their money on I guess.


That club is farked.


Taking a risk on fitness is one thing & I can understand the attraction of giving him a second chance BUT they have offered him around what I would have expected his worth to be 3 years ago.


People love potting Jake, and I get it, but let’s not forget his performance against the pies that day forced Nick Maxwell into retirement. He did some good things, and not just for Essendon.