Season 2019 - St Kilda


As an irrelevant club they needed to pay overs to get a name. It sells hope to supporters and members, while also sending a message to other clubs they can land a player with a big reputation. Only issues are that he looks completely cooked and they are paying him way too much.


Should have stayed at Essendon


No. If he didnt go we wouldnt have Franga who is going to be the GOAT


I find it hard to hate on him. He wasn’t exactly wrong with saying the club was farked - it absolutely was at that time. I’d love to still have him at the club or at least the player he was in 2013. That game against WC when he went forward & won the game with a goal from the boundary was one of the very few great memories of the last decade & as other have said that purple patch of marking everything & kicking bags was a glimmer of hope in the darkest of times. I’m personally far more annoyed at Hibberd leaving than Carlisle. At least we got good compo for Jake & he left in the middle of the shytestorm not be on of the last of the thousand cuts right when we hoped it was all over. I hope he gets back on the field & has a decent few years to see out his career.


Yep, Carlisle was a sook but with good reason.

At least he protected us a bit come trade time which is more than some other departing players did.


So we get them in round 2 with no Carlisle, Steven or Hannebery?

Just the sort of match we’d lose.


Poor ■■■■■■ if Jake is out for the year.


Very real possibility that Ratten could be coaching them by round 10.


Tom Browne (yeah, I know) said on triple m this morning that it looks increasingly likely that the nerve damage he has will require surgery which means season over.


That’d be tough. Not sure on the surgery but they rarely seem to be silver bullets for back damage.


Total Essington way to manage injury. Respect.


That sucks.


I want some of what these kents are smoking!!!


Their history suggests they would know where to get the good stuff…


Is that Billings? Along with Ross and Carlisle?

Carlisle’s questionable, heading for possible surgery, and Billings is away from the club with personal issues.


Is that Billings, I thought it was Steven.


Doesn’t look good for Ross, then…


Could well be. I get all their jacks confused.


St Kilda has confirmed that Carlisle will need surgery on his back. Looks like he’s out for the season.


I rememebr someone saying on here ages ago that it’s a good thing we have traded Carlise because his back is farcked