Season 2019 - Sydney


Nah, everytime Sydney looks like dropping they seem to land on their feet with a gift from the footy gods.

I expect Sydney will be active in the free agency market as will Hawthorn as they have cleared up some cap space…

The Swans also have some pretty handy kids coming through.

I wouldnt put it past them to make the 8 this year. Probably not the flag.



I think they rely heavily on Kennedy,Grundy,Parker and Buddy (when he’s up and going) to win them games once they retire they’re finished.


I hope we’re ready for them to make a big play at Daniher.


Joe eligible for FA? if Swans were to make a big play we could get a top 5 compo pick.

Playing devils avocate here but with Buddy nearing the end I can easily see them coming after Joe we might have to cut our losses and get what we can if his OP is really bad.


Out of contract/free agent end of 2020.
And it’s not if, it’s when.
It’s been SOP for them for the last twenty years, at least.

Edit: lol. And what we’d get for him is what the AFL decides.



AFL will shaft us anything to keep those ■■■■■ from bottoming out.


They can come after him but if we are doing well and he loves being in the side, then he will just reject it.


Hope so.
I’m just saying Sydney will come for him.
It’s what they do.


They’ll miss the 8. Their midfield without Kennedy (who is nearing the end) is bog average, even if Heeney takes a big leap forward. There aren’t enough contributors up forward apart from Buddy. I rate their backline but it won’t be enough to make up for the midfield. 12th or worse for mine, and it could be a catastrophe if Heeney/Parker/Buddy/Lloyd suffered a big injury.


I agree, and they have always been after him, tried before we got, and have tested the waters while he has been with us, they will never stop.

It is the same with Fantasia, the SA teams will never stop asking.


It’s ok, we just never stop inquiring about Parker/Heeney, and we are forever (well, until they all retire) at an equilibrium.


I think the SA teams have done us a massive favour by inquiring so tentatively about Francis and Fantasia.


And you’re still in search of yours…


Broadminded. Not immoral.


_Point’ knows his stuff.


Dont like this mob, list is slow and over the hill. Always beat us in Sydney. Doesn’t go down well.

I suspect a few internal player issues too. Coach may have lost the players.

9-12 for mine.


Like all sides, injuries (or lack of) to key players are the key to success. Have a good run on that front and Sydney’s 1st choice 22 is pretty good.


Gee that was diplomatic


Kennedy, Franklin and McVeigh have to be a worry.
That’s without even looking at their list.

Time for the pyt’s to step up.


Tippett of the books. McVeigh pensioned. I think Sydney might try and poach a midfielder next season. Coniglio?