Season 2019 - Sydney


A lot rides on the fortunes of Buddy and Kennedy as others have mentioned. Buddy will continue to be a danger, but Kennedy is carrying the midfield and last season it looked like it was too much weight to bear. He has slowed down considerably and no longer looks unstoppable. The Swans will struggle and although in the mix for the top 8, are looking more likely to miss.



Or maybe T Greene…


Geez, I may be green, but I can’t see JD ever leaving. Even more so with our current list .


When they drop off the perch and Diggers wants to get back on the Dons bandwagon I say we don’t let him…


Haha @Preliminary_Point2 the town troll agrees with you


Captain obvious !
The trouble is by the time Mills, Heeney, Jones and Florent are a better than average midfield, Buddy will be gone. (He might even be cooked by the end of this year) and their backend will be left depleted without Smith, McVeigh and Grundy.

They actually need to rebuild and hold onto good players like Heeney and Mills… The backended Buddy contract is a problem.


who’d have thought eh?

Swans are shot. List needs rejuvenating. Game plan is stale and dated. Record at home was poor last year, wont make finals.


You norks have been predicting L FRANKLIN!'s demise ever since he came to terms with Sydney at the back end of 2013.

He will not only play out this contract, but will extend for several more.


You realise he’ll be 36 in the last year of his contract yeah? I’d love to see him play it out but it doesn’t look likely. Hope i’m wrong.


It’s not franklin’s demise… nobody would argue that he hasn’t held up his end of the bargain on field, apart from the actual results of course. But he’s had no mates to help him. That’s as much Kurt Tippets fault and the dinosaur coach who hasn’t worked out modern football yet. Even our dinosaur has realized a game style predicated on winning the ball from your back half isn’t sustainable.


Coach does alright for someone who doesn’t understand football…


OK, Franklin is a great player , but really wtf. So you reckon he will be playing when he is 40, 38 even?
Give us a break.


He’s the R Federer of the AFL. Everytime you say he’s finished, he reminds you of his aceness.

Choose inspiration rather than casting shade. It will improve your life.


Oh he does great at keeping himself in a job and not getting them closer to a flag. Some solid delusion if you think the swans are tracking anywhere close to a flag playing the style of footy they have over the last 4 years. They are no chance without significant change to the way they play.


I didn’t know Federer has done enough coke to kill a horse!

Action that! :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ll be right.


Just like Roger Federer in the AO? Dumped in the 4th round by a Greek kid?


Inspiration, not shade…


Reality, not fantasy


He’s some reality for you. 917 goals and counting.

And counting…