Season 2019 - Sydney


Now you are trying to link the future with the past.
At some point players drop off and retire willingly or they are kicked out.
At some point people die. Thats reality.
You are indulging in fantasy.


Who has said Franklin is finished? I haven’t seen a single poster say that.
Pretty much everyone who has commented on his contract has indicated he’ll be well past his best by the time it’s up. Some have suggested the decline is likely/possible to start this year.


And you are indulging in wishful thinking.

And you’re entitled to.


Shade casters have been predicting FRANKLIN!'s demise since way back when. And they’re always wrong.


Mate its going to happen. Buddy will be finished as a footy player at some point and he is close to the end. So denial is fantasy. Who ever said he wasn’t a great footy player anyway. Whats wrong with you?


The issue for Sydney isn’t a drop off in Franklin’s output, it’s the complete lack of output from anyone else in the side. They’ve got nobody else and they play a game style that is so Franklin focused it hampers the development of anyone else in the front half.

Bit like when Reiwaldt was Richmond’s only option, the more Franklin is the go to man, the less chance the Swans have of winning a flag.


You were finished as a poster several years ago but you’re still going.


Right now Sydney are planning for the footy club in the post Franklin era.
They are scoping possible replacement marquee forwards.
The strategy of survival of SydneyFC is predicated on having a SuperStar.


All club’s strategy is to employ superstars.

This isn’t a Sydney peculiarity.


Laters Diggers. Its been fun.


Michael Hurley says hi

  1. I love this. Absolute solid trolling gold. Well done sir

  2. What’s a nork?


Hurley did well that one time.


A nork is a Western Australian colloquialism for a boob.

You can use it if you like. You can also use that other terrific Western Australian idea, the fresh bread roll for encasing a cooked sausage.


The most recent
According to you Buddy will never decline
So Hurls must still be improving


Sydney need a “big name”. Plugger, Barry Hall, Buddy. Specifically they need to be forwards. The Swans can never go down a rebuild path because if they do they’ll need to get in touch with Kochie to put them onto his tarp supplier, because Sydney sports fans do not turn up if their teams suck, and that’s not just footy, it’s all sports. They are a club that will never bottom out because they can’t afford to…


That’s nork talk


I’ve got a good example of an unintentional norking for you.

Mrs C Judd used to shop at my local Coles in the years before she wore that red dress and became a universal phenom. I was perusing the mango section one day when Ms Judd came over to do the same. Never one to be outdone in the race to select the best mangoes, I quickly reached across to my preferred choice and (un)intentionally made gentle elbow contact with her nork.

I did not mean to make contact with her nork but was pleasantly surprised by how effective the maneuver had been. So effective in fact that I since use it on Mrs diggers almost daily.

Use this technique by all means but practice first as too hard a landing may result in bruising to her nork(s) and/or your head.


Being a sex pest is also a WA thing it seems


Recent events from your neck of the woods suggest otherwise…