Season 2019 - Sydney


Reeks of the wells to Collingwood scenario


Also reeks of the early season trade threads when eejits suggest we spend heavily to get players who were good 5 years ago.


$4m over 5x years.

If they get 50 games out of him they would have done well.


4 mil over 5? Ha! St Kilda must be run by a bunch of f**kin’ idiots.


Tom Browne (yeah, I know!) is reporting that’s Tom McCartin may not play this season due to a serious concussion.


Fark. That family cant catch a break!


Buddy ruled out against the Lions. Expected to be fine to play Essendon.


Awesome. Hopefully him and Hurley go at it again. That was very entertaining last year. And Sydney aren’t a threat any more.


They are confident he will be fine to play us but I reckon he’d be less than a 50/50 chance


There has to be a question about how Horse manages his midfield players. He drives them into the ground with his demands for a contested games style and pushes them unrelentingly into the maximum midfield minutes he can get out of them. The senior midfielders have borne the brunt of a no compromise games style, and when the Abletts of the comp are running around as stars at 34, the likes of Hannebery, at 28, Parker at 27 and Kennedy at 30 are variously physical wrecks and mostly cooked.

So now he wants to turn halfback flankers and half forward flankers into the same no compromise types of players. Who is going to put their hand up at 22 to go in there and respond to Horses demands? Pity Heeney and Mills. they will be beat up and held together with strapping tape by the time they are 26


I think there is a chance buddy doesn’t play against us either. Even if he does he won’t be 100% fit. Remember the last time Hurley played on an underdone Franklin…


Surely Longmire is at North next year


A straight swap for both clubs?


Might not be a bad idea.

May need to install Roos back in a “Coaching Director” type role part time for a couple of years to mentor & help Brad get au fait with the unique Sydney ways and vibe to make it work, but yeah.


Brad to Adelaide?


Ronke dropped. wasnt he supposed to be a gun?


He’s supposed to apply forward pressure + kick or assist in shots on goal. He currently isn’t doing enough of either. He’s in a slump and hopefully is good enough to find a way through.


■■■■ Sydney.


Fark Sydney


Need a %booster against his rabble
Fantasia to kick ten to make up for last couple of weeks!