Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


What would I do?

  1. Bawl my eyes out
  2. Hug everyone in the stadium
  3. Bawl my eyes out again
  4. Drink myself into a coma


I’m with ya mate. There’ll be tears I’m certain. Hugging of strangers? Maybe. Beers? A living certainty, the question is how many. It’ll be a hard week of celebration I’m tipping, especially if it happened next year, besting FC to 17 would be sweeeeet.


I’ll probably just sit there and try and get this old brain to remember every little bit of it that I can.


I’m someone who tries to hold my emotions in public but Im pretty sure that I won’t be able to hold them if we won it whenever that is.

This next premiership will have extra meaning for us that’s for sure


Whenever there’s a big finals win they normally show two happy crying fans in the crowd.

The first is that guy who is just wiping a few sneaky tears away in a very dignified fashion, you look at him and think “oh that’s sweet, I’m happy for him”

The second is the guy who’s bawling so much it’s embarrassing, he’s gone all red in the face, and you think “come on mate, get a hold of yourself”

100% I will be the second guy


And this from someone worried by “isn’t” and “acadamies”!


Not much footy news at the moment.
Off-season indeed.


we will struggle to win a flag until the AFL exec decides it will be good optics for us to do so. Probably after Hepp/Hurley/Hooker etc. have retired.


Sadly I have to agree


I don’t.
This list is at the point where umpires can’t stop them anymore.

And in any case, stop losing to the farking worst team in the competition. That’ll go a long way to getting us deep into finals and has nothing to do with anything the AFL can do.


yep - umpires don’t make you miss targets or make dumb decisions.


We heard it here first! No offence BD


No but the stress of their decisions sometimes, can as a result of frustration.

I think there are still some areas where we need to improve and get both our mojo back and play with killer instinct. Go for the jugular, take no prisoners and put the opposition down - Go Bombers.


@choppsuey pls don’t do this.


@wimmera1 pls don’t do this also.


I have all season to be pissy.
Let me be confident for the next four months.


When we landed Shiel he mentioned that he’d dreamed of playing for a big club that plays ‘blockbuster’ games like Anzac day. Made no mention of ‘a big club that wins finals’ probably because he was 11 the last time this happened. We’re going to break our winless in a final record on 1st September next year.

This year was embarrassing enough after the acquisition of the three best players we could hoped asked for. Should we not win a single final next year after Shiel’s addition, we may as well fold. There are no excuses.


what draft are you on for your truth thread?


That a statement or a question? Cos if it’s a statement, I would like to know what you have done to the real Mendozaaa. This air of positivity in November doesn’t suit you…


I think he’s saying there’s more pain to come