Season 2019 - West Coast

West Coast

Coach - Adam Simpson

2018 –

Points For – 4th
Points Against – 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Elliot Yeo
  2. Jack Redden
  3. Shannon Hurn
  4. Jamie Cripps
  5. Andrew Gaff

2018 Rising Star Noms

Tom Cole (Rnd 21)

Ins – Tom Hickey, Xavier O’neill, Luke Foley, Bailey Williams, Jarrod Cameron, Harry Edwards, Josh Smith,

Outs – Tarir Bayouk, Ryan Burrows, Callan England, Malcolm Karpenny, Mark LeCras, Scott Lycett, Eric Mackenzie, Tony Olango, Luke Partington

My Prediction

So this is part two in my special feature of teams I didn’t expect to make the eight but actually ended up playing in a grand final. Like Richmond before them, it is hard to work out exactly where their list is at and if they can produce the same again. List movement hasn’t been extreme and you would argue they have lost some depth but all in all they look pretty similar to last year.

The backline stacks up well. Jetta finally found some touch and gave some run and they have found a good one in Cole. They have McGovern and Barrass to cover talls and Hurn who can play tall but also sets up play with his kicking. They are a little more of an old fashioned backline and I worry a little for their key position depth but most weeks they get the job done.

The midfield stacks up with the best in the competition. Keeping Gaff last year was massive for them. Yeo and Redden had career best years alongside Sheed who came in and made a real impact. They can run with most teams and despite a mildly vanilla look about them, they get the job done especially at home.

The forward line is really all about Kennedy, he was great last year and gives them a focal point. Darling was good for most of the year as well (the GF… not so much). Liam Ryan and Willie Rioli also changed the look of them once the ball hit the ground and made them a much more dangerous unit. I still worry that they lack depth here as well and need to keep their best players on the ground to stay dangerous.

The ruck for much of the year is going to be Vardy, sort of dangerous with his fragility but they seem to be able to keep him on the field more than other teams have in the past. The risk of injury to him is largely the fact that then you have to play Tom Hickey and that leaves you vulnerable. Nicnat may come back this year but his knees have to be a concern with his size and style of play on top of two bung knees will have to limit his effectiveness. As far as the coach goes, he won a premiership, clearly doing something right. He hasn’t reinvented the wheel, he timed his run and had them playing good ball at the right time.

When I look at the list, I don’t see a contender, clearly they are but I don’t think it would take a lot to go wrong for them to take a dip as well. Their home ground advantage is as good as anyone in the AFL and with that, I don’t see them dropping out of the top four. I think they will finish between third and fourth.





Their forward line isn’t all about kennedy anymore. He only played 14 games last season. Darling is a more important player down there for them now, imo. Kennedy is pretty close to falling off the cliff

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Given they have one of the biggest home ground advantages in the AFL (and biased umpiring to boot), they are a shoe-in to win 10 of their 12 games played in Perth. If they split their road games then that’s a 15-win season with out doing too much out of the ordinary. That’s my minimum expectation, and if they go slightly better than that then they’ll finish top 2 and might as well book their spot for a 2nd successive Grand Final.


Prediction Top 4, most likely top 2.
Last 2 premiership winners would be my favourites to win the Minor Premiership (Hardly going out on a limb here)

Grand Final Side
In: Gaff, Natanui
Out: Lecras, Lycett

B: Hurn, Barrass, Schofield
HB: Cole, McGovern, Jetta
C: Redden, Yeo, Masten
HF: Hutchings, Darling, Ryan
F: Rioli, Kennedy, Cripps
FOLL: Natanui, Shuey, Sheed
Int: Gaff, Duggan, Venables, Vardy

EMG: O.Allen, Nelson, Ainsworth, Ah Chee

Cameron could be another livewire small forward to break into the team. But the list changes doesnt inspire me much, not that eagles need to change a winning forumla.
Natanui would be expected to miss a big chunk of the year and will rely on Vardy and maybe Hickey as Allblack alluded above.


Won 13 out of those 14 games

Only won 6 of 11 without him

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I reckon Brad Sheppard is in their best 22. He would have played the Grand Final if fit. Schofield makes way.

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They will be thereabouts. Keep in mind that they won the flag without their best two players. Not many teams could do that I don’t reckon

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Big shout out to @Houli_Dooli for going best 22 on every list. It’s a crazy effort


Was filthy with them when we played them last. We were absolutely belting them so they started taking dives all over the place. But at least they held the Pies off a flag

Glad to see the back of Le Cras.

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They aren’t at Subi anymore.

We pumped them over there for 4 quarters.

Both Perth teams struggled BIG TIME playing that ground last season.

Nic nat is the most over hyped player to have ever played.

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Uh ah!! We’ll get them in a prelim and give them a hiding over there…again!!! It will be in-spite of all you have said and make it all the more sweeter.


If we did beat the Eagles in a Prelim in WA I would be concerned about @westozziebomber being able to drive over to Melbourne for the GF


That would be my grand final. Anything past that would be irrelevant

It’s still a bigger advantage than any of the Melbourne-based teams who share 2 grounds. The crowd is about 95% Eagles, completely partisan, the armchair ride they get from the umpires. Yeah we beat them (and was it glorious!!!) but they have a distinct advantage over every Vic based club barring Geelong, who still play at Kardinia Park. WCE will win 9-10 of their Perth games minimum. That puts them in the box seat to be in the top 4 as they then only have to split their road games to get to 15 wins…

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It was a lid off post, showing some support for the WA blitzers. You can feel their hatred of WCE through the screen.

Take none of what i said seriously. You are spot on.

Haha I lived over there for a bit so I know the pain! I was there for the victory last year, fair to say wob was in fine form post-match, as was @Houli_Dooley . Hoping to get over there again this season and that we can repeat the dose!

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