Season 2019 - Western Bulldogs


In my uneducated opinion, shache seems like a softc*ck


I’d love it if Essendon ‘fluked’ a premiership.


In my educated opinion, shache is soft


He’s young. And talented. If he gets his head right, he’ll be fine.


i just want this club to disappear off the face of the planet.


Schache actually looks ok
Has an excellent kick, showed a bit when playing CHF/roaming. If he keeps improving/matures will be a quality player


Quality ink on libba


All hail King Pinga


Mr Blow, that’s his name, that name again is Mr Blow.


nice tie in :grin:


Dale Morris has done his ACL.


That is really bad luck for the poor guy.


Feel sorry for Morris, but the dogs and Gordon can suck a fat one


At 36 surely this is the end for him?


would be baffling if it wasnt. hes had a great career though. good on him.


At 36, its hard to see him coming back next year. Game over man!


Could this possibly be the end for him at 36?


I’m hearing he is pretty old, maybe 36. Surely done


With him turning 37 before he next plays you would think he would retire.


I thought he retire 2 years ago