Season 2020 - Brisbane


Coach – Chris Fagan

2019 –

Points For – 1st
Points Against –7th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Lachie Neale
  2. Dayne Zorko
  3. Hugh McCluggage
  4. Jarryd Lyons
  5. Daniel Rich

2019 Rising Star Noms

Noah Answerth (Round 20)

Ins – Deven Robertson, Brock Smith, Keidean Coleman, Jaxon Prior, Sam Skinner, Corey Lyons, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Grant Birchall, Callum Ah Chee

Outs – Ryan Bastinac, Tom Cutler, Matt Eagles, Luke Hodge, Ben Keays, Corey Lyons, Nick Robertson, Archie Smith, Lewis Taylor, Josh Walker

My Prediction

I did not pick Brisbane to make the eight last season, I certainly thought they would improve but to come within percentage points of winning the minor premiership was not in my scope of imagination. Their young talent really got the job done last year and have built a very talented list. Whether they can go further will be interesting to watch.

Harris and Gardiner are pretty good keys to build a long term back line around. They lose Hodge this year but I think there times last year when he looked cooked and it was time for him to go. Birchall coming in was an interesting choice and I think him and Ah Chee will be looking at the same spot on half back. Witherden and Rich give them two defenders with excellent footskills to set up attack when the ball gets back there.

The midfield is a bit of a beast. Neale had a magnificent year and worked well with Zorko in winning a mountain of the ball. Robinson finally started to get credit last year for the mildly insane hard edge he brings. It is insane to think that they brought in Neale and Lyons last year which gave them so the ability to win the ball so much better. McCluggage found his AFL feet fully las year and started to do the things we all saw in the TAC cup. It isn’t the best midfield in the competition and could use more speed but they work well together and were rarely beaten last year.

The Lions were the highest scoring team last year which was a surprise to me. McStay and Hipwood are great talls and they have McCarthy who was surprisingly ok last year. Zorko and McCluggage spending time up forward helps with them averaging a goal a game. Then Cameron is constantly dangerous and kicked some bags last year. They had a good spread last year.
Stefan Martin is a pretty hand ruck, they wouldn’t want an injury to him. Mcinerney and Smith are the back-ups and not sure you would want too much from either. As long as Martin stays fit, they are pretty well covered. The coach has done an amazing job with the team in changing their direction and setting them up for a consistently high finishing period.

I have trouble shaking my feeling that the Lions were nursed to their position last year with a soft draw and a good run with injuries. They don’t feel like a top four team to me which is probably stupid. I think they are going to drop and a reasonable distance. I think they are bottom of the eight sort of team and somewhere inbetween 6 and 8.


Fold and die


They could do a Melbourne and completely fall away, but I think they have better leadership and a young, hungry group that won’t let it happen. Straight sets finals exit showed that they aren’t quite at that level yet. I’d have then finishing 5th-6th, which would be a solid effort in backing up a remarkable 2019.

Had queries on them going into the tail end of the year.
Couldn’t step it up when the big boys did.

Should be around the mark of the lower end of the 8, be surprised if they did better than that.

Best 22

B: Grant Birchall, Harris Andrews, Daniel Rich

HB: Callum Ah Chee, Darcy Gardiner, Alex Witherden

C: Hugh McCluggage, Lachie Neale, Mitch Robinson

HF: Cam Rayner, Eric Hipwood, Dayne Zorko©

F: Charlie Cameron, Daniel McStay, Allen Christensen

FOLL: Stefan Martin, Jarryd Lyons, Jarrod Berry

I/C: Noah Answerth, Lincoln McCarthy, Marcus Adams, Deven Robertson

Emg: Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Rhys Mathiesan, Keidan Coleman

… wha?

Surely nobody offered him a contract.

I mean, in a factual sense, I can see that now.

But still… 8 games in 3 years, 32 or 33yo ?
Surely not.

Would have been well recommended by Hodgey, and they would have felt they needed some finals experience. It is a pretty young back 6 as well.

I don’t know how many games they expect to get out of him though.

Brisbane fitness staff seemed to do a good job last year though.

Given young list not too bad to get a veteran.

McStay, Gardiner and Harris Andrews all 100 gamers, Rich a 200 gamer, Witherden really the only newer guy and even he’s played 50.

I mean, if they get 20 games out of Birchall, fair play to them. But I’d be ropable if we recruited a 32 year old who’d only played 2.5 games in the last 2 years.

Top 4 for mine.

Will not win a final.

Can’t see them dropping off too far, top 6.


Wasn’t convinced by them last year and it showed in that final against Richmond.

Going through their fixture last year, I would say that these were the only wins I would classify as good. The rest weren’t particularly impressive. A tougher draw will be interesting.

West Coast, round one, Gabba (not for the first time, a grand finalist has a sluggish first match)

GWS, round 16, Sydney. GWS not easy to beat at home, however this was around the time we beat GWS.

Bulldogs, round 20, Gabba. The dogs were in form late in the year.

Geelong, round 21, Gabba. Could have gone either way, just like our win against GWS.

Getting a lot of hype this pre season hope they crash and burn had a charmed run with injuries (something Essendon can only dream of) last year also they will be the hunted and have a harder fixture.


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EXCLUSIVE: manager gets C7 to put out the notion that multiple clubs are interested as part of the negotiating tactic.


If QLD gov exert their covid pressure will it mean the suns and lions play at home all year?

Oh for sure!

It is interesting though (because there’s nothing else to talk about). Over on the Adelaide BF page, maybe 3 weeks ago, they were talking about Cameron being unhappy in QLD and the rumour is he wanted a move.

Stephan Martin out for 6-8 weeks.

Good timing!