Season 2020. Crash and burn, or win a final?

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  • We are in for a shocker

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I honestly have no idea how we’ll go next year. If I was to guess? I reckon we’ll be somewhere from 6-12. I don’t think our list is good enough to finish top 4. Nowhere near it, too many holes. But I reckon it’s good enough to win one if some coaching changes. The brand we generally play does not hold up. So i really hope we see sone significant changes. All teams get Injuries to key players (apart from Brisbane last year) so I don’t really buy into injuries play a part. they do, but there are always decent teams who cop them. In saying that, we are fkn due for a good run.

I’m Interested to see how others see our season going. Is this finally the year we end the 16 year drought? Can we actually go to the forbidden land and win one?

who knows. Harder to pick than a broken nose.

I’ll have high hopes though. At least until Rd 1


I think our list looks worse, on the whole.

I’ve no idea what the pseudo change in coaching regime will do, but I doubt it’ll be entirely positive, at least at the outset.

I hope we don’t have the same injury run.

This is going to be the year where we finally get a finals win because we are good enough to finish higher than 7th. Bringing in Cara is going to be a good move.

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We can win the flag.


Backline is good

Midfield should get better next year with a fit Smith and Heppel plus continuing improvement from Parish and McGrath.

Worst Ruck division in the comp.

Forward line with Joe and Raz is better than average but without is bottom 4. It all hinges on this area of the ground for mine. If they are fit we make the eight if they don’t we are going to struggle.


Absolutely no idea. It could all click if we get an injury free run, or we could completely crash and burn. Wouldn’t have a clue.

If Joey was happy and loving Essendon and on track fitness wise and committed to a big 2020 then I’d be hopeful we’d could have a better than good season - finish 5-6. And with some fortune on injuries and getting some good team cohesion we’d even take it to the top 4. He can make a big difference to us being very competitive or just a so-so bottom 8 meh side.

But Joey’s fitness situation is unclear, and him staying or going for 2021 will be a big distraction for us until it’s settled. And if he does decide to leave it’ll be a big distraction.

Sooo…. no idea. It really is having a guess mixed in with a good dose of hope or gloom (depending on your leanings). You can come up with a 22 that on the day can play really good competitive winning footy. And even doing it a few weeks in a row. But it never feels like they are a dominating side. I want to see what game style we bring to 2020 and if it’s one that looks reliable and match winning.

We may slip back this year before we move forward in 2021. That’s fine if you can see why that’s occurring i.e. it’s due to us putting a new side/winning game plan together.

I’d say we should be able to maintain our current bottom of the top 8 position. A move up to 5 or 6 is a maybe. Top 4 will be “wow, that’s freakin amazing.“


We’re cooked


Does the rinsing come after the cooking? Or before?


We will improve.

Key players back. Recruits either best 22 or more competent depth. Youth developed further. Coaching group bolstered & bettered. 2nd year into defensive aspects of Ruttens game plan. New S&C team.

6th. Win home final

JD’s successful return or not impacting how far we might go


I reckon we are ■■■■■■.

I look at the list and see names like Stringer, Shiel, Smith, Fantasia, Daniher etc and can’t help but think that we are underachieving on a monumental scale.

I just hope the coaching clean out works.


Very slow start as our injury ridden pre-season takes its toll. Once the club thinks we are cooked they play the kids and we storm home to win the last 4 games and give the marketing team something to write about over the next pre-season.


Worse than what?

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Gold Coast I think.


Can you tell me what level of influence Worsfold is going to have?

It would make it easier to vote.

I think last year was the most disappointing year I’ve lived through. There were so many games in which we just didn’t compete, putting in spiritless performances week after week, that I couldn’t even get excited about making the finals – and my lack of excitement was fully justified by an utterly pathetic performance in WA and yet another inglorious first-week exit.

I also thought the coaching announcement – It’s time for a change, well sort of, well not just yet – was another slap in the face for those hoping for a turnaround.

Now that we’re approaching the new season it’s impossible to avoid feeling some hope and thinking of all the good things that might happen. But do I expect them to happen? No. What do I actually think will happen?

More of the same. Either just limping into the eight or just falling short. And with much more chance of things being a lot worse rather than a lot better.


We will miss the 8. Unless the coaches change something up, can see much changing. Daniher is cooked an Hooker/ Girls aren’t defensive beasts anymore and can’t carry our poor midfield.

Not expecting much at the moment.

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Most disappointing year you’ve lived through?
You type very well for a 3 year old.


He’s still the ■■■■■■ senior coach. Rutten is his assistant.