Season 2020 - Fremantle


Coach – Justin Longmuir

2019 –

Points For – 16th
Points Against – 9th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Nat Fyfe
  2. Michael Walters
  3. Bradley Hill
  4. David Mundy
  5. Ed Langdon

2019 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Hayden Young, Caleb Serong, Liam Henry, Michael Frederick, Jarvis Pina, Blake Acres, James Aish.

Outs – Hayden Ballantyne, Harley Bennell, Brad Hill, Scott Jones, Shane Kersten, Ed Langdon, Ryan Nyhuis, Aaron Sandilands.

My Prediction

Another year of stagnation led to Ross the boss being given the boot. Question marks around his ability to rebuild were answered with him being removed. In my opinion he did a pretty good job of turning the list over. It will be interesting to see how the game plan changes with a new coach on board and the players hopefully being let off the leash a little bit.

The backline was well performed last year but with Ross as coach, all field defence made life easier for those down back. They look short down back for mine but Hamling and Pearce held it together last year and they will be hoping Logue can start to realise his potential. They have solid smalls down back and rebounding runners with Ryan, Blakely and Wilson. It is a backline that has performed in the past and has had minimal disruption.

The midfield is average but with the best player in the competition who is capable of changing the game by himself. Fyfe is a freak and still improving, a whole lot relies on him. They missed Neale last year and still need a player who can do what he did. Aish and Acres come in but I am not sure where they will play. Losing Hill places pressure on his brother as well as Brayshaw and Cerra who after a couple of years in the system will need to list. Walters will float between midfield and forward but is brilliant wherever he plays.

The forward line is a massive disappointment. We all know what Hogan and Lobb are capable of but last year it was a mess. Matera came in and gave them real spark up forward and they will be hoping he can continue his improvement. Him playing well frees up Walters to spend more time up forward and makes the team look more exciting. Taberner finally started to repay the faith shown in him but still looks a plodder.

They will be hoping Darcy can stay fit as he looked like he was going to be awesome when he first came in to the team. Ross’ love of Sandilands and injuries have held him back but him playing well leaves Lobb up forward and gives them better attacking options. I don’t know much about Longmuir, he is mates with Peter Bell which tracks well for him and he seems to have been highly rates at Collingwood, lets just hope he gets them playing something we want to watch.

Fremantle would need some stuff to go right by way of injuries and form for any serious rise up the ladder. They need Fyfe to stay fit and for Hogan to get his head right. They have the bones of a very good team and some good young talent in the system as well as three top ten picks coming from the last draft. I don’t think they are ready to challenge for the eight yet but I do see improvement, I think somewhere from 10 – 12 is about the mark for me.


With more list turnover and a new coach who will be markedly different from before I thunk they will have a slow start to season, improve at the end but not make the 8.

We simply must beat them in round one.

Edit: I hate Michael Walters

I got no idea who Jarvis Pina is, but I look forward to him kicking six in Round 1


B: Ryan Hamling Logue
HB: Cerra Pearce Wilson
C: Acres Fyfe Aish
HF: Walters Hogan Serong
F: Matera Taberner Lobb
R: Darcy Brayshaw Mundy
Int: Hill Conca Hughes Blakely
Emer: Henry McCarthy Young Tucker

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Certainly not the worst side going around.

I suspect they’ll give Longmuir the license to get games into their highly rated youngsters who they’ve brought in over the last few years such as Logue, Cerra, Brayshaw, Tucker, Serong, Young, Sturt, Henry etc.

I reckon they’ll be a belter, I think they’ll finish top 8 this year.

Definitely hard to get a read on. If some of the kids come on they could be top 5-6. If not they could stay around 13-14.
Without combing over other lists I also suspect they’re in the top 2-3 clubs when looking at “which team can most ill afford to lose 1-2 of it’s best players”.


Should nae have sacked Ross The Boss.

Bottom 4.

Taberner, Lobb and Hogan too tall.

has McCarthy fallen that far off the cliff he’s out of the 22?
Last year McCarthy 12, Taberner 9 almost a season combined.
Id have Taberner in the WAFL.

young talent would be exciting for Fremantle fans, although they probably just want some success.

Brad Hill is a big loss…I dont really rate Aish but the new coach does so he probably gets Brad’s wing

Will be interesting to see how Colyer fares with the new coach. I imagine he would probably prefer to go youth. But Colyer would still have something to offer.

Feels weird a Fremantle team without Big Sandilands

It’s not. They will do it as Hogan plays like Stringer in a 3rd tall capacity. Dees were having him pinch hit in midfield at times.

I think they have had McCarthy pushed up to a wing in preseason

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Taberner, Lobb and Hogan is no different to us playing McKernan, Daniher and Stringer.
Or other equivalents
Sydney - Franklin, Reid, Blakey
Brisbane - Hipwood, McInerney, McStay
West Coast - Allen, Darling, Kennedy
Richmond - Soldo, Riewoldt, Lynch
GWS - Cameron, Findlayson, Himmelburg
Hawthorn - insert random second ruckman here, Roughead, Gunston (and at a time Franklin)

Yeah as others have said, it’s no problem. Hogan has a big motor. The only reason these three hardly played together last year was due to injury. I think with nippy, pressure applying smalls around them that this can be a real asset for them.

Hard side to get a read on. Hill is really important for them and losing him compromises their outside run

Adding acres and aish was a odd move. Both are ordinary, fringe 22 players who won’t improve them I reckon

Their backline is good. Pearce, hambling, Wilson and Ryan (gun) are good players.

Midfield is okay, but inexperienced bar guys like fyfe and Blakely. They are a couple of years off having a good midfield to compete with the good sides. Having the best midfielder in the game is a pretty big asset though, without him they Are fkd. They have some seriously good kids coming through but

Once again, forward lines okay on paper. Matera is good, Walters is a jet and then the three talls. I’m not sold on lobb, he is hot and cold. Tabener is good enough as a 3rd tall and the unknown is Hogan. If he has a good year and kicks 40 plus, they will probably push for finals

I reckon they are a bit like us, to be honest. Hard to read. They are one of a number of teams like us, in that 6-12 bracket.


Sorry but

TABERNERRRRRR…Oh BABY THAT’S GOOD! …He’s got six, and the Dockers open with a win…Bombers in disarray right now


Head broken … out indefinitely

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Incredible to think back 3 or 4 years ago people discussing Daniher and Hogan as the best young key forwards in the competition and projecting them to dominate for the next decade and now here we are. For both of them.


Hasn’t been a good time for young tall forwards at all when you consider Boyd and McCartin are also gone.


Some talk that Hogan may be finished. Freo to pay him out


They sure know how to pick em.