Season 2020 - Geelong


Coach – Chris Scott

2019 –

Points For – 2nd

Points Against – 1st

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Patrick Dangerfield

  2. Tim Kelly

  3. Tom Stewart

  4. Tom Hawkins

  5. Mark Blicavs

2019 Rising Star Noms

Charlie Constable (Round 2)

Gryan Miers (Round 8)

Jordan Clark (Round 15)

Ins – Cooper Stephens, Sam De Koning, Francis Evans, Cameron Taheny, Bradley Close, Jack Steven, Josh Jenkins.

Outs – Ryan Abbott, Wyle Buzza, Jordan Cunico, Jarmaine jones, Tim Kelly, Scott Selwood, Zac Smith.

My Prediction

Geelong had a stellar start to last season before gradually descending into mediocrity. I have trouble remembering a less threatening minor premier. They didn’t at any stage feel like a premiership threat to me which is bizarre when you look at the numbers. They have a massive home ground advantage and last year they uncovered some good young players but their list still feels like a retirement home.

Their backline performed really well last year, Blicavs has a great year every few seasons and last year was it, Stewart is a great defender and they have Taylor coming around again. I feel like they lack some run off half back but Tuohy makes up for it with his delivery. I think Kolodjasnij will be more important this year as Taylor starts to fall away.

The midfield reads better than it performs and I wonder what another year will do to them. Dangerfield was great last year but I think they are really going to miss Kelly. He gave them genuine run and class. Selwood looks almost cooked, there were periods last year where it looked like the repeated head knocks had taken their toll. Steven is a gun but his career is on the downward slope and I am not sure he brings anything they don’t already have plenty of.

The forward line brings in Jenkins who again I am not sure is different enough from Hawkins to work. Ratugolea is a beast and still working out how to use his body but gives them something different. Ablett looks like playing mostly forward and still has the ability to rip a game open. Miers looked good in patches last year but I thought finals football found him out a little bit and he didn’t look like he enjoyed the heat of it.

The rucks are still a bit of a disaster with Stanley owning the role but he is inconsistent, Jenkins probably is back up now or Blicavs depending on match ups. The coach has kept the team (along with their recruiters) up the top for a long time. He is going to have to find something new this year as they look a little fragile.

I think Geelong is still teetering on the edge of a serious fall down the ladder but I also am not sure it is this year it will happen. They have great players on every line and a pretty good home ground advantage. I think they are a top four team during the regular season and still not a threat for the premiership. I think between 3 and 4 looks most likely.



Geelong’s midfield warming up.


Geelong is the weirdest club Jenkins could have gone to ever.


fold and die

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This is the year they fall off the cliff


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They’ve been tipped to ‘fall off the cliff’ every year since 2010. It’s bound to be right one of these years…
I wish our cliff face was like theirs.

The furthest I see them falling is 6th to 8th.
The only way they miss is if Dangerfield or Hawkins end up getting injured and miss half the season.

If they only win 11 games they won’t get to play 24 in total.
I think 10-12 is more likely.


Seriously though, when they eventually do fall over, they’ll crash big imo and be bottom 4 for 3 or 4 years

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Will be a typical Geelong year, they’ll make the 8 as they always do but everyone knows including themselves that they’ll just be making up the numbers. You’d love to get the Cats at the G in a final

Top 4 again, every year I write them off and they perform well. So screw it!

Half the reason they never die is they get predominantly sh*t teams at kardinya park that are always easy wins


They have the best home ground advantage this side of the WEagles.

It’s the one or two games against other top 8 teams where they get more of an advantage.
Do you think that if they played those ■■■■ teams at Etihad or the MCG that the result would be any different?

This has got to be the year doesn’t it?

7 wins, Selwood gets his head cracked open ducking a tackle and Chris Scott has a heart attack during a rage attack over a perfectly reasonable free kick

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Cats Best 22

B: Mark O’Connor, Mark Blicavs, Tom Stewart

HB: Zach Tuohy, Harry Taylor, Jake Kolodjasnij

C: Jordan Clark , Joel Selwood, Mitch Duncan

HF: Brandan Parfitt, Esava Ratugolea, Luke Dahlhaus

F: Gryan Miers, Tom Hawkins, Gary Ablett

FOLL: Rhys Stanley, Patrick Dangerfield, Jack Steven

I/C: Josh jenkins, Nakia Cockatoo, Gary Rohan, Cameron Guthrie

EMER: Sam Menegola, Charlie Constable, Quinton Narkle, Tom Atkins, Jack Henry , Jed Bews

Its still hard to fit everyone in if they are all fit, assume Jack keeps Menegola out…we should have went after him.

Tom Atkins and Henry played eveyr game last year, but I dont know who they are so maybe they get a run in the squad as well.

Guessing Jenkins gets a run, but unless they plan to share ruck duties with him, dont think they really need him, provided ratagolea/Hawkins stays injury free.

Apart from the ruck its a solid 22, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them battling in Finals again. Finish 4-8th

Kelly is a huge loss, and not sure if jack will play all the games

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Jack Henry is a young third tall type defender. Has the height but not yet enough bulk to go with the gorilla forwards. He is good in the air and intercepts well. A solid player who has continued to improve year on year, and a handy replacement for Harry Taylor.


I think they are well positioned not to crash badly even when the oldies go

Normally what you see with clubs in the position they in is devoid of higher picks and needing to bottom out to get the quality talent.

They took 2 first round selections this year and they’ve got 3 x 2020 1st rounders also. Add free agency to the mix and they are not going to fall away significantly.

As far as genuinely challenging for the flag however it’s definitely got to be close to their last year.

Last season for Ablett & Taylor, and not too many more to come from Selwood & Hawkins.

I don’t expect them to fall off the cliff. They’ll just have their typical season, be top 4 for most of the season and then get rolled out in straight sets come September.


Tend to agree they’ll just disappear quietly yet again in September.
It’s odd that for all the focus on our, and other’s, game plans, Scott gets away with one that just doesn’t pay off in big games.
Until they change their slow chip and possession game out of defence, and develop an alternative to playing through Hawkins in attack, they are stuck in mediocrity (with their home ground advantage giving them an extra boost of A few extra ladder places)

Massive TPP breach. 8 years of cheating the TPP. They didn’t effectively audit for 8 years.

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