Season 2020 - Port Adelaide

Imagine the outrage and vitriol if John Worsfold or Xavier Campbell said this, but it’s not Essendon so no one will take any notice

Right, because that slogan worked so well for Caaarlton a few years ago. Not long after they proved it, when they came for a wooden spoon or few.

Stinkley believes the Port list are good enough to be contenders. Sounds like he has taken in too much sun, or been touched on the Koch.

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I would be putting odds on Hinkley not seeing out the season as coach off the back of these comments.


Why outrage?
Why vitriol?
Isn’t that what people want written into our mission statement?

I’d assume it would be applauded. And the team would instantly win a premiership because without it stated or written publicly it just cannot possibly happen.


fk off port you bunch of inbred c*nts


Who cares?

Hasn’t that been one of his shortcomings as a coach though? Loves the hubris but continually fails to deliver?

Stupid statement from a man who is most likely on his last legs as coach

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I’m really confused now.
A club that is 26 years old is celebrating its 150th birthday this year but they are selling club gear that says “1820“ on it which is 16 years before SA was even founded :crazy_face:

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Perhaps boasting about how many tarps the club currently owes money for? Or how many times Kochie has had someone yell “oi wanker!” at him this week alone?

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Probably borrowed from New Zealand where the police code is;
1820 Unlawful Assembly

I’m more concerned with the reason/s you are frequenting the Port Adelaide store. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I checked on line.

It’s how manny members they have.


Should have been 1870, and they were delivered and some sold, before an Adelaide supporter, who can read noticed.


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