Season 2020 - Richmond - even even even even more of the disrepute


Coach – Damien Hardwick

2019 –

Points For – 5th

Points Against – 4th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Dion Prestia

  2. Shane Edwards

  3. Dylan Grimes

  4. Nick Vlastuin

  5. Tom Lynch

2019 Rising Star Noms

Liam Baker (Round 10)

Sydney Stack (Round 11)

Shai Bolton (Round 17)

Ins – Thomson Dow, Noah Cumberland, William Martyn, Hugo Ralphsmith, Bigoa Nyoun

Outs – Dan Butler, Brandon Ellis, Shaun Grigg, Connor Menadue, Callum Moore, Alex Rance, Jacob Townsend

My Prediction

Not very often a premiership team has three rising star nominees on the way through. Richmond have everything ticking along beautifully at the moment. They don’t seem to have put a foot wrong and paced their run last year until the minute and demolished their grand final opponents with their best game of the year. It is going to take a disaster for them not to be around the mark again this year.

The backline lost Rance and performed admirably with Grimes and Astbury standing up and taking his place. I actually still think there is a chance Rance comes back this year but there is obviously stuff to play out and a lot depends on the scuttlebutt as to why he retired. Houli had a great year off half back last season and seems to keep getting better, he teams up well with Short to ensure that the delivery off half back sets the standard up the field.

The midfield isn’t the one or two man show it once felt like. Dusty was down slightly last year although improved as the season went on and Cotchin is real consistent and sets a very high standard. Caddy moved to the wing last year and I don’t know if it worked as well as hoped and will be interesting to see if they keep him there, Prestia is a gun and had a career best year. They found Pickett last season who looked reasonable in the grand final. Stack faded a little as the year went on but would expect him to be better again this year. There isn’t a weak spot in their midfield who also work well defensively as well.

The forward line faltered slightly last year against expectations but that is going to happen when you bring in a new player who essentially is going to be the focal point of your attack. Lynch got better as the year went on but I think he made them more predictable and the manic pressure from previous seasons wasn’t as obvious. Still he is a great player and teaming with Reiwoldt, they will be stronger this year. I think their smalls weren’t as damaging last year but they read well with Bolton, Edwards, Rioli and Castagna able to cause damage. I think there is significant improvement in their forward line from last year.

The Rucks are the only real weak spot for Richmond with Nankervis a solid but not great ruck. Soldo is alright around the ground but they rely on the midfield to get the job done which in general it does. The coach is probably (sorry Clarko) the top coach right now in the game. He maintains his sense of humour, looks relaxed and is able to change his game plan when necessary to change the direction of the game. He has all the players playing for each other all the time and it doesn’t look like it’s about his ego.

Richmond are a top two side if they want to be. They will look to time their run again and I don’t think the minor premiership is important to them. They will ensure they have everyone primed at the right time of year to win another grand final. It is going to take an injury list of disastrous proportions for them not to challenge again. I think they finish top two and enter the season as favourites for the whole thing and rightfully so.


Yeah, they’ll probley win it again.



B: Sydney Stack Dylan Grimes, Nick Vlastuin,

HB: Bachar Houli, David Astbury, Jayden Short

C: Marlion Pickett Dion Prestia, Shane Edwards

HF: Shai Bolton, Tom Lynch, Josh Caddy

F: Daniel Rioli, Jack Riewoldt, Jason Castagna

Foll: Toby Nankervis, Dustin Martin, Trent Cotchin©

I/C: Nathan Broad, Jack Graham, Kane Lambert (90), Ivan Soldo

Emg: Noah Balta, , Jack Higgins, Kamdyn McIntosh (95)
Assuming Jack Higgins gets back to 100%

Out: Rance

With Lambert and McIntosh so close to 100 games makes sense for them to flick Townsend and maybe get these battle hardened warriors to 100 games.

Thats a strong side, and they still recruited Ralph-Smith and Thomson Dow who were rated highly as well so will help for the future.

I think due to ruck weakness may play 2 rucks most weeks…expect to see Balta play more games too
and Develop.

Finals bound unless something drastic happens, if they maintain the hunger are a reasonable chance to go back to back.

But if it bleeds, you can kill it.
Against Tigers would pick lots of hard senior bodies and try and rough them up 80/90’s style

Fark line in the sand game against the Hawks, make it against this mob.
Add extra spice with our recent coaching additions.

For Tigers: In: Clarke, Townsend, Hibberd
Townsend will know which players to target.

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Lambert plays in front of about 10 players you’ve mentioned. He’s a key cog to their run and pressure.

Edited… I had him on the bench originally then swapped him out for Higgins…
Shai Bolton is probably a more like for like swap with Higgins

Will win it again.


Played Crows and GWS in Grand Finals two interstate sides who struggle at the G. different story if they versed a big Victorian club where the MCG doesn’t become so much of a home ground advantage imo.

McIntosh taken to hospital for scans after some sort of injury during their pre-season camp.

Really depends how hungry they are for it this year.
Their style of manic pressure requires a great deal of hunger, and if this is off 10% they might struggle to repeat. Still top 4, clearly.

fold and die


To think I agreed with ex St Kilda coach Grant Thomas who said they were least talented group to win a flag in 2017. Look like a bunch of stars now. Gotta love (hate them for) what they’ve done.

So I recently found out that Lambert is part of my extended family and he’s likely attending the family reunion I’m going to over the weekend. Should I be running espionage ops? Should I be trying to get him to validate my opinions on Dr Amanda Green?

Kick him and n the balls then blame kindly old uncle Kevin.

That should liven up proceedings


You should be getting as much info as you can on his opinion about Truck & Cara.

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I want to bring a half inflated footy and pretend to have zero idea who he is to troll the ■■■■ out of him.

“Do you know what to do with this thing?”


Are we really living in a world whereby the Tigers are winning the Flag 3 years out of 4…fark me ?

Time to find another passion !


Just wait until carltank are playing in consecutive grand finals while we’re playing in interstate elimination finals. Oh baby

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Townsend’s played about 20 games for them in 4 years, including maybe the most ordinary game anyone in the AFL played this year.
I doubt they needed many other reasons to flick him.

Got to have the closest look I’ll ever have to GF success today. I got a pic of the 2019 one, but didn’t think to take the pic till I’d passed the 2017 one along.

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