Season 2020 - St Kilda

let them rot. Worthless club with ■■■■ history and even shittier culture

Send them to Tassy.

Let them rot I say

But all the journos say they won the trade period… Seems they traded in one too many key talls.

If Logan Austin becomes available, we should take him. Agressive attack on the ball and only 24.

Where’s this coming from?

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Been known for a while. Have the most debt in the comp by a bit I believe

Yeah been like that for 5000 years, I was just wondering if this was something new?

AFL will just keep bailing them out like they do the Suns.

Lindsay Fox is a billionaire.
With a b.

I think it’s just a bit more critical now and starting to get to the point where it could spiral out of control. I’d expect the AFL to take them over soon

I thought they already had?

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They already have at this point from what i hear. The Simon Lethlean appointment was pretty symbolic of that in my view.

I dont think they will relocate until Gill leaves as CEO. hes a Saints man and i hardly think he will allow it to happen under his watch.

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I just don’t see it.
I know they’re in a bad spot and they’ll never be a big four Victorian club, but for as long as Fox is alive then they’ll just keep puttering along.
North, Bulldogs, maybe even Port before them.

They grew a pretty strong supporter base in the 2000’s. but not winning a flag with the team they had really hurt them. all the supporters dropped off really fast once they tumbled down the ladder.

Their supporters dont really have alot of nostalgia for previous success to look back fondly on like other clubs do. Our club seems to build its entire foundations on the “glory days”. so it would be a tough slog for even the most rusted on saints supporters. you either have to be really committed to enjoying being the underdog, or youll eventually crack the sh*ts and give up.

Honestly, I know way more Saints than North fans, and I know zero Bulldogs fans.
Maybe that’s a bit of the old Felicity Kennett ‘I don’t know anyone who voted for Labor.’

But that doesn’t matter.
Those three clubs are around the same level.
If you had more than a thousand million dollars and Essendon needed twenty million, would you give it to them to stay in Victoria?

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Bulldogs are in a very good financial position

Well that’s good.
For now.
Because they’ve got ■■■■-all people going to games.

What’s the news that caused this thread to exponentially grow?

Dunno, but its good conversation!

Also yeah, at least Norf have a legacy of winning flags in living memory. theres like 5 of them, but the Norf supporter base is rabid and passionate. without that history, i dont know how many would stick around.

Most of their supporter base wasnt born when they won the premiership.