Season 2021 - Brisbane


Coach – Chris Fagan

2020 –

Points For – 3rd
Points Against –7th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Lachie Neale
  2. Jarryd Lyons
  3. Hugh McCluggage
  4. Oscar McInerney
  5. Dayne Zorko

2020 Rising Star Noms

Brandon Starcevich (Round 13)

Ins – Joe Daniher, Nakia Cockatoo, Blake Coleman, Harry Sharp, Henry Smith

Outs – Jacob Allison, Allen Christensen, Cedric Cox, Matt Eagles, Mitch Hinge, Corey Lyons, Stef Martin, Sam Skinner, Alex Witherden, Toby Wooller.

My Prediction

I think the Lions arrived a year or two earlier than I thought they would. They have been managed very well and brought in the right players at the right time. They have put together a very formidable list with not many gaps. The depth of the list is still questionable and they would want another good run with injuries.

The backline is built around Gardiner and Harris Andrews. Birchall has taken on the Hodge role. They have a very attacking midfield which at times opens the backline and leaves them vulnerable to having a score kicked on them. Rich and Starcevich give them good drive off half back. Again I am not sure how accountable those players are and they do give their opponents a chance.

The midfield is attacking, Zorko, Neale and Lyons are all great accumulators but I wouldn’t put any of them as great two way runners. Berry, Robinson and Mcluggage will bring a little more of that, Mcluggage continues growing as a footballer and his ball usage is extremely valuable to the Lions and their run.

The forward line is the most exciting in football this year if they all stay up and running. Bringing in Joe to join Hipwood as their two premier talls on top of having Cameron who is an absolute gun. Will be curious to see how Rayner develops this year but there were times towards the end of last season when it looked like he was finding his way. When up and going, they are going to be very difficult to stop unless of course their poor goal kicking does it for them.

The development of Oscar McInerney last year solved a lot of problems for Brisbane and gives them a high quality ruck to feed their mids. The coach is the new preferred model for teams on the way up. We have seen North Melbourne try and emulate what Brisbane have achieved.

Brisbane have all the pieces needed to improve on last year and challenge this year. They had a bit of a free hit last year with lack of pressure and a large chunk of the season being played in their own backyard. It will be interesting to see how they manage expectations this year. The recruitment of Daniher is a big move as they look to make their mark. I expect them to finish top two again.


Top 2 and flag.

They will win it

By the way Joe hasn’t missed a session, including non-compulsory sessions

And Brisbane played a practice match about a week ago and he kicked 3 in the first quarter on Harris Andrews

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Will win the flag

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Their ceiling is the flag but I reckon their floor could be lower than people think.

They’ve had a sweetheart run over the past couple of years, with very minimal injuries and playing an entire season in Queensland. Few key injuries and things might not look so rosy.

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Will fall victim to the curse of Daniher.
Joe will suffer a minor injury, lose confidence and start getting in the way of forwards
Meanwhile a couple of midfield injuries will strike, and Robertson & Birchall will show their age


They’ve barely had an injury in the past 3 years, they are surely due for a stinker on that front in 2021

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Could win it.

Brisbane flag? Don’t think so, but it would be better than another Richmond one

Talent aplenty, all over the field and on every line. Their recruiting has been spot on, with Lachie Neale and JD over the last 2 seasons. Legit challengers for the big dance this year. They play for their coach and he has schooled them well. This season they will have to travel more, but no more than in other seasons past, and the extra travel factor is somewhat offset by having their game plan more settled in. l am not convinced that Oscar the Actor is the answer in the ruck, but there is enough talent around the ground to cover any weaknesses.

Just remember Nankervis is a 3(?) time premiership ruckman.

Tigers to win it again

Brissy had the biggest home ground advantage ever in the history of the league and still couldn’t make it to the last dance.

They the flopped twice in successive years in finals they won’t make it to the GF imo

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Flag. Joe will kick 68.37 and 33 ootf

Looks the best team on talent.
Has the sort of all round spread of quality that you just don’t see that often anymore.


[37] Brandon Starcevich, [25] Daniel McStay, [27] Darcy Gardiner

[10] Daniel Rich, [31] Harris Andrews, [35] Ryan Lester,


[11] Lincoln McCarthy [3] Joe Daniher [16] Cam Rayner

[23] Charlie Cameron [30] Eric Hipwood, [33] Zac Bailey


[46] Oscar McInerney,

[9] Lachie Neale

[6] Hugh McCluggage,

[5] Mitch Robinson,

[15] Dayne Zorko,

[17] Jarryd Lyons,

[4] Callum Ah Chee,

[7] Jarrod Berry,

[2] Devon Robertson

[14] Grant Birchall


[12] Nakia Cockatoo

[40] Jack Payne,

[18] Keidean Coleman

I don’t see the spread of super talent with the Lions, rather I see some elite top end talent - Neale, Andrews, Daniher, Cameron (almost) , Mcclugg & Rayner is heading in that direction - and Berry & Zorko are very good. Maybe it’s more consistency across the entire team and getting best 22 on park each week that is their edge.
Not sure if McStay can play forward with Joe Joe Joey kick it to me and I’ll take 3 hangars a week up forward…but I’m just bitter because he dumped us…

Joe kicked 4 in the intraclub yesterday.

Wouldnt read too much into that.

Harrison Jones quicked 3 in the first 15 mins of our intra club and theres lots of stories of forwards dominating their intra clubs every year. Apparently Ben Brown kicked 6 in melbournes.
It rarely translates to the season but Good luck to him.

Joe who?

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IMO adding key forwards seldom assist with winning flags or even boosting performance in the initial years.

Sans richmond with lynch, it’s not always an instant success.