Season 2021 - Fremantle


Coach – Justin Longmuir

2020 –

Points For – 16th
Points Against – 5th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Luke Ryan
  2. Nat Fyfe
  3. Adam Cerra
  4. David Mundy
  5. Andrew Brayshaw

2020 Rising Star Noms

Sam Sturt (Rnd 1)
Caleb Serong (Rnd 8)

Ins – Heath Chapman, Nathan O’Driscoll, Brandon Walker, Joel Western, Josh Treacy

Outs – Isaiah Butters, Jason Carter, Hugh Dixon, Jesse Hogan, Brandon Matera, Cam McCarthy, Tom North, Dillon O’Reilly, Jarvis Pina

My Prediction

There were times last year when Freo looked like they could be building towards something really good and other times when they felt like the same dysfunctional team from every year (except for that one where they got pumped in a grand final). The young talent stood up though last year and gave them hope for the future.

The backline was more than solid last year, for a team finishing twelfth, having the fifth best performed defence clearly shows they are doing something right. It isn’t spectacular but Hamling is a solid performer and well supported by Brennan and Pearce. Wilson and Ryan both deliver the ball well and set up run. They will be hoping this is the year Logue gets a solid run and shows what he is capable of.

Brayshaw and Cerra both stepped up last year and started to relieve the pressure on Fyfe, releasing him to spend more time forward. That being said, Fyfe is still their best mid and will be there when they need to swing things their way. Serong was a great find and looked solid from his first game and was a worthy Rising Star. The midfield doesn’t bat as deep as they would like but the top level of talent is quality.

The forward line has been the primary challenge for Freo for as long as I can remember, well at least since Modra and Waterhouse terrorised the competition. I don’t think they have the set up to take the competition by the neck yet either. That being said, Taberner looked a footballer and if they can keep Lobb forward then they have two pretty solid targets. Walters is in the conversation for best small forward in the competition and Fyfe will play forward a lot more. That should lead them to improving on last years performance.

They need Darcy to stay fit, he looks a really good quality young ruck but never seems to be able to string enough games together. Once he goes down, Lobb is forced into the ruck and that kills their forward line. The coach seems to have things tracking well at the moment and will be interesting to see how he improves their scoring over the next season or two.

I think Freo look like they have a solid list and there is inbuilt improvement with plenty of young players still finding their feet at AFL level. They still have a habit of leaving too few of the players to do too much of the heavy lifting but again that could improve with their young list. I feel like this year is probably one of consolidation for them and they should finish again between 10-12.


I reckon they’ll make the 8 easily. I think they’ve become a bit of a hard team to beat and should snag quite a few wins at home, plus a few on the road. Could finish 6th, without being the 6th best side in the comp.

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Agree, WA also a likely location for any hub action if needed.

They’re on the right track now under JLo.

They seem to have a shocking run of injuries to their more important players on their list year after year. If they can start having a bit of luck in that department they’ll start making inroads to becoming a successful side imo.

They also picked up two highly rated local lads in this years draft in Chapman and O’Driscoll to add to their bank of talented youngsters.

JLo has had a long apprenticeship as an assistant coach in the modern era and I believe has the nous to turn into an excellent head coach now.

Dockers will be a force in a couple of seasons or so imo.

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Fyfe looks to have added size. Gerald Healy may need to look into this.


2021 Best 22

B: Young Hamling, Logue
HB: Ryan Pearce Wilson
C: Acres, Tucker Brayshaw
HF: Walters Lobb Serong
F: Sturt Taberner Henry
Foll: Darcy Fyfe© Cerra
I/C: Aish Conca, Mundy, O’Driscoll
EMG: Cox, Schultz, Hill, Chapman

Guessing Young and Logue come on this year and cement themselves in the 22 and O’Discoll fights his way into the 22 as well. If logue doesn’t come on can see Heath Chapman maybe getting some games.
Will probably be Mundys farwell year. Freo similar to us has quite a lot of young faces coming through and Fremantle should improve in 2021.

For me, how they manage their back 6 this year is going to be very intriguing.

With Hamling, Pearce out all year and Logue and Young out most of the year they were forced to “play small” in defence.

And strangely enough it worked!
Statistically they had one of the best defences in the comp.

They deployed Luke Ryan, Brennan Cox and Taylin Duman as their talls tasked with shutting down the opposition key forwards most weeks.

Individually, Luke Ryan was clearly the standout of those three guys and will remain no matter what but if all of a sudden Alex Pearce, Hamling, Logue and Young are all fit it will be a bit of a dilemma. A good dilemma to have of course.

I don’t believe for instance they can line up as you’ve got them there.

5 out of those 6 are aerial players. They are guys whose main assett is marking or contesting aerially. Even Hayden Young at 1.88m is most comfortable when reading the ball in flight and floating across and marking it. I reckon this guy is going to be a star.

I think there is a high chance that a back 6 like this doesn’t have great synergy and they get in each other’s way and are left vulnerable to a team with 2 or 3 quick small forwards.

But yeah, like I said it will be interesting to see how they navigate this.

I like how Freo are tracking in their list build.

other sides I looked at for Freo had Brennan Cox and Ethan hughes in the 22 as well
Brandon Walker is a highly rated Junior that played half back, Dodoro place a bid on him.
based on games played last year back 6 would have looked like this most weeks

b:Hughes (17) Duman (15) Logue (5)/ Young (5)
hb: Ryan (17) Cox (13) Wilson (15)
int: Conca (14)

And Blakely cant even get near the best 22, I wonder if we enquired at all.

Didn’t know where else to chuck this, but found it very interesting.

Getting a little worried for the bloke. Seems like he’s really struggling to get his head right.

Yep, real concern. Sat out a year from GWS because they wouldn’t trade him to WA, shows how desperate he was to get there. Seems that being back in WA hasn’t really helped, certainly not in terms of on-field.

When l lived in Perth in early 2019, l was told that some serious party drugs were involved.

loves a disco biscuit

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Does Rory Lobb have a bit of George McFly about him or what.


13 posts in this thread, 13…okay now 14.

Is that all this team is worth ?

Yes, they are a spitting image.

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There is a passing resemblance to McFly.

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Ha, yeah I see it.

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I was thinking the same thing when I came in here. There were 12 posts and we are already half way through the season. Might get a bit of a roll on now.

This guy?


Yes please. 6 years, $7 million.

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Imagine sacking Ross Lyon and actually becoming more boring?


This is outstanding