Season 2021 - Geelong

It’s pretty much this, for all the criticism of them not finishing the job, I’d say they’ve been the second best team four of the last five years - it’s just Richmond have beaten them three times and they buggered up that prelim home to Sydney the year the Dogs won it.

Given the teams around them when they’ve contended (Hawthorn/Collingwood, now Richmond) I’ve always had a soft spot for the cats.


The Kelly draft pick (early 20’s pick) was inspired - effectively has netted them two years of prime Tim Kelly and now the last 4-5 years of Cameron’s career.

B: Bews Henderson Kolodjashnij
HB: Tuohy Blicavs Stewart
C: Menegola Guthrie Smith
HF: Higgins Cameron Parfitt
F: Dangerfield Hawkins Miers
Foll: Stanley Duncan Selwood ©
I/C: O’Connor, Dahlhaus, Henry, Rohan

EMERG: Clark, Narkle, Simpson, Ratugolea, Stephens,

looks pretty good on paper, still a little light on in ruck department.

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Ages of their players added in. Gee that best 22 is old. About 4 of them have birthdays in march too. They really need a few of those emergencies to become best 22 players fairly quickly if they are to stay near the top imo.

I don’t think it would take much to go wrong to see them fall into the bottom half of the 8 or even just outside it

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fixed for degree of cookedness

Top 4 again, it’s where they live.

In the “cookedness” please add Gary Rohan as he cannot play finals football.


Stir fried, or deep fried?

wob would deep fry an ewok no hesitation. he probably has a special marinade for creatures caught in the wild and/or outer space.

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Brisbane might disagree. WCE too if they get their act together.

I don’t think they faded due to age/fatigue. They faded because mentally they couldn’t cope with Richmond’s pressure once they’d dropped off a little bit.

Smith had worst year in his career last year

Think he will improve in a better team though, and potentially played a game or two injured. He has generally been very durable.

Higgins has slowed down as well, but still a contributor

Selwood looked cooked this year, but he would still be a solid contributor off the bench, plus leader onfield for finals campaign.

Some of those stats look worse because of 20% less game time, so if you scale those up to a standard length game, they wouldn’t be too far off their 2019 outputs in terms of their averages.


Cameron torn his hamstring

Out 4-6 weeks

My heart bleeds


Wait until the actual old list start getting injured. Could be a big fall from grace. Fingers crossed.

I actually saw this and smiled. Bad luck for the bloke, but luck always seems to fall Geelongs way…maybe this year it won’t

If i had a dollar for every time someone has said that about Geelong in the last 15 years

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Agreed but it feels different this time. Their good players are old and there doesn’t appear to be much coming through. Also the longer games and season will work against them.

They just played in a GF! They’ll be fine.

Cats about to fall of a cliff in the next year or 2

I’ve fallen into this trap at the start of probably 5 of the last 10 years. I hope you’re right Nino, but they are very good at topping up and continuing on. Mind you, they probably would have expected more flags in the last 9 years, so their fans might be getting annoyed

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