Season 2021 - GWS


Coach – Leon Cameron

2020 –

Points For – 10th

Points Against – 11th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Lachie Whitfield
  2. Nick Haynes
  3. Harry Perryman
  4. Jacob Hopper
  5. Josh Kelly

2020 Rising Star Noms

Tom Green (Round 4)
Jake Riccardi (Round 14)

Ins – Jesse Hogan, Braydon Preuss, Tanner Bruhn, Connor Stone, Ryan Angwin, Cameron Fleeton, Jacob Wehr

Outs – Jye Caldwell, Jeremy Cameron, Aidan Corr, Jackson Hately, Sam Jacobs, Zac Langdon, Zac Williams, Heath Shaw, Tom Sheridan

My Prediction

I thought last year that GWS would be in the finals and a genuine chance to win the whole thing. It was a terrible year from a very talented team. Amazing that they extended Cameron’s contract when he has achieved so little with so much. This year they took by far the biggest hit they have seen in talent leaving and it will be interesting to see what sort of impact it has.

The backline has kept their key position talent together and with greater defensive effort up the field would look a lot better. Davis and Haynes give them reliability back there. They will miss Williams off half back and it will make it harder to release Whitfield into the midfield. I think we will see more of Kelly running off half back when he is struggling for touches in the middle.

The midfield still has plenty of talent and some of the players who have struggled to break into the team may start to get more of a look in. Taranto needs a good run with his body and is ready to do great things, Coniglio shouldn’t have two poor seasons in a row and Kelly found it difficult last year as well. There is plenty of growth in this midfield, Green should see more time and give Taranto a partner to get the hard work done.

The forward line will be very interesting after losing their best key forward, a year after losing Patton. Riccardi looked like he has enough talent to step up and Hogan surely is on his last chance and hopefully for him can make the most of it. Toby Greene is my favourite non Essendon player and needs to not be their main target to be effective. The forward line looks dysfunctional and will be the area of the field that they need to improve the most.

I think Braydon Preuss is a very good pickup for the Giants and gives them a ruck who can keep up with the modern game as well as crash and bash. They haven’t had that for a while and I think it could make a real difference. The coach has plenty of time left but needs to make something happen their game plan doesn’t appear to use their talents well and at some stage more serious questions will have to come his way.

The big question is whether last year was an aberration or are they starting to slip down the ladder. I think it is likely somewhere in the middle. Too many of their top players failed against expectations. I think we will see a bounce this year and they should come back into the eight. I don’t think they are a top four team right now but I think that is about coaching and game plan. I think they will finish in the 6-8 range.

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I can’t believe Mumford is still on their list.


7 - 8

B: Kennedy Davis Taylor
HB: Ash Haynes Whitfield
C: Kelly Taranto Perryman
HF: Greene, Hogan Daniels
F: Hill Riccardi Finlayson
Foll: Preuss Hopper Coniglio
I/C: C-umming Ward Green De Boer

EMERG: O’Halloran, Reid, Lloyd, Himmelberg

not even sure if Hogan will play many games, with Himmelberg there as well.

Giants lack depth, may be able to give more games to Hill, Ash, O’Halloran and even maybe Bruhn. Jacob Wehrmacht would be a smoky chance to play as well given they lost Shaw and Williams.

how long till we can throw all the money at Tom Greene?

No finals this year 9th to 11th

I think they still have a reasonable list this year. more balanced (less mids to try and squeeze into the team).
massive outs tho (Cameron, WIlliams, Corr, Shaw, + developing kids Caldwell, Hatley)
Hogan likely to be a flop. Having a decent ruckman will help, and great for Preuss to be the number 1 man,
But still have enough talented players to get the job done and make finals, but need a better run with injuries.
Maybe they would be better served to miss the finals and get rid of the coach.

They are my bottom 4 smokie. Cant afford for much to go wrong

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Nope can’t be… quick google later …wtf???


Premiership chance if everything goes right.

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I shared this mid year in the 2020 thread. This article was given to be by a GWS insider, someone in the very inner circle of the club. They said this article nails EXACTLY the issues the club is dealing with. With the coach remaining in place, I can’t see anything in this offseason that will change their culture. It does explain why Caldwell and Hatley were so keen to get out.


“They weren’t a great deal better in 2017 and 2018 either, 14 and 13 wins in each year respectively. While plenty of teams would take that, principally Essendon, better things were expected from the Giants.”

lol, they’re not wrong


Watching the second episode of “Making their mark” on Amazon.

Cameron gives them a big spray. Blasted the mids for being lazy. Cogniglio didn’t seem to be suited to that captains role (from what they’ve shown so far)

Did Taranto look like he wanted a trade to Essendon?


Caldwell did :wink:

Edit - Literally, poor bugger was right in Cameron’s eye line during the spray the group got.


i reckon that spray will go a long way with jy feeling like he belongs at afl, getting told you dominated some of the premier midfielders of the afl. you love to see it.


True. But he did look a bit uncomfortable sitting there too!

of course you do, when youre one of the 3 people that haven’t ■■■■■■ up, you can’t be puffing up like a peacock.

but yeah leon cameron sounds ■■■■■■■ unhinged most of the time.

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So wait… Cameron gave em a spray and called them out and they still didn’t win a flag? I need to apologise to Woosha.