Season 2021 - Melbourne


Coach – Simon Goodwin

2020 –

Points For – 8th
Points Against – 10th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Christian Petracca
  2. Steven May
  3. Jack Viney
  4. Ed Langdon
  5. Clayton Oliver

2020 Rising Star Noms

Luke Jackson (Round 10)
Kysaiah Pickett (Round 11)

Ins – Ben Brown, Jack Bowey, Bailey Laurie, Fraser Rosman

Outs – Harley Bennell, Kyle Dunkley, Mitch Hannan, Kade Kolodjashnij, Oscar McDonald, Brayden Preuss, Corey Wagner, Josh Wagner

My Prediction

Melbourne flirted with making the finals last year but in the end weren’t quite good enough. They were lifted by the improvement in their existing list and some recruitment around the edges. They have settled the list with adding very few players this year although Ben Brown has the capacity to make a difference.

The backline settled in as the year went on and May finally remembered why the offered so much for him and turned up in good shape. Tomlinson and Rivers support well whilst Hibberd’s opponents all seem to have forgotten he only has one side since he left Essendon. Lever hasn’t quite reached the heights he did at Adelaide but has enough talent that he will.

The midfield is all grunt with Viney, Oliver and Brayshaw all better at the coalface than they are outside. They have struggled at times to balance this and Brayshaw often gets sent to the wing or up forward where he struggles to make an impact. Strangely he is the only one of those three with good footskills which is something that they struggle with out of the middle. Bringing in Langdon last year gave them a hard running wing and Petracca running through the middle was hard to stop.

The forward line will be interesting next year. Ben Brown is a good pick up but I am not convinced he fits their game plan and will be a curious one. Weideman still hasn’t hit the heights of the finals a couple of years ago and may benefit from having Brown draw some attention. Pickett has an exciting first year and gives them a good small presence.

The rucks looks as good as any team we have analysed thus far. Gawn is probably the best ruck in the competition and Luke Jackson looks like he is going to be an absolute gun. Love the way he moves. The coach will be feeling the pressure to make finals this year. He probably did as little as he could last year without attracting pressure but this is his team now and a pretty unsuccessful one.

I cant help but feel that they are a good team but maybe not quite good enough. Their top six players are very good but their bottom six on any given game day just aren’t good enough. They need more organic improvement from their current list and I am not sure there is enough for them to challenge. I think they could make the bottom of the eight but could just as easily finish a couple of spots lower than last year. I think they will finish between 8-10.


■■■■ i forgot we were giving a spot to Kyle Dunkley. Somebody forget to pick him up?

I’m quite bullish on the Dees this year assuming Brown is fit (has there been any fluff pieces about him at preseason training yet?)

My bet is that Petracca will win the Brownlow this year and will be considered close to the best player in the comp by the end of the year.

May has also finally pulled his finger out, so him and Lever are two strong defensive players to go with their midfield which would have to be close to the best in the comp now

9th. Still don’t really rate them. Remind me a lot of us circa 2014


Go Mitch!!!


I was actually thinking this was Mitch initially, then I had a look at their ins and outs :joy:


What do you mean? Who else would I be talking about?


Is this meant to say best or worst?

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I was going to say a similar thing, but that they’re also like Richmond circa 2014. Plenty of decent players, plenty of not so decent players.

Could flip a coin on whether they’ll end up like us or Richmond.

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if ben brown kicks 50+ they will be very good

Not a bad call.

Richmond fiddled around for a few years there until they realised they needed to recruit guys complementary to their better players, not slightly worse versions of them. When they did that, hey presto.

Melbourne’s top 8 or 10 players are very good. But they’re not a very good team. Too unbalanced, in terms of skill sets.


Have to the biggest one way runners in the comp. I mean, they do have the Essendon influence so…

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They have two top 10 players in the league in Gawn and Petracca, plus Oliver, Brayshaw and Viney not many midfields better than that

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langdon and Pickett were great pickups last year.

they still needed a key forward.

interesting to see how Brown goes.
If everything clicks they will make the 8, likely finish 5-12
similar to Port they have a lot of perceived upside going into 2021.

best 22

B: Hibberd May Tomlinson

HB: Rivers Lever Salem

C: Brayshaw Viney Langdon

HF: Fritsch Weideman Melksham

F: Pickett Brown Hunt

FOLL: Gawn Oliver Petracca

I/C: Harmes, Jackson, VandenBerg, Laurie

Emg: Jetta, Jones, Brown, McDonald
they have experienced Depth here. Surprised Jones went on for another season.

hard for mitch Brown to get selected, as he probably offers more than Jackson as link up player, but they need to develop Jackson. Also Brown, Brown Weideman are all different so may work together if played.

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Badabing, touchdown.

What they have is 4 very, very, very good ballhunters.
But as a group they’re possibly the worst defensive midfield in the comp, and easily in the bottom half for pace and disposal.

15th for clearances /game.

With one of the top 2 rucks, dominating most weeks.

I don’t buy the hype.


I agree they look great on paper.


10th - 14th for mine

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Melbourne probably found their rightful spot last season after massively over-achieving in 2018 and then falling spectacularly from grace in 2019. Around the fringes of the 8 is about their mark. A lot depends on Ben Brown finding his 2016-19 form where he was a failsafe 60 goal a season forward. If 2020 was an aberration then the Dees have got far more potent in attack. Along with Weiderman who I think has some promise that’s not bad key forward duo. They have the AFL’s best ruckman in Gawn and a fleet of strong bodied midfielders, but probably lack some outside class to round it off. A lot of it is above the shoulders because there is a fair bit of talent across all lines when you look at their best team. Has to be Goodwin’s last chance. Another top 8 miss and he’s got to go. Will be in that 7th-10th bracket.

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That squad should be playing finals.