Season 2021 - Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide

Coach – Ken Hinkley

2020 –

Points For – 2nd

Points Against – 1st

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Darcy Byrne-Jones
  2. Travis Boak
  3. Tom Jonas
  4. Zak Butters
  5. Ollie Wines
  6. Trent McKenzie

2020 Rising Star Noms

Mitch Georgiades (Round 9)

Ins – Orazio Fantasia, Aliir Aliir, Lachlan Jones, Ollie Lord, Tyson Goldsack, Taj Schofield

Outs – Joe Atley, Wylie Buzza, Tobin Cox, Brad Ebert, Riley Grundy, Jake Patmore, Cam Sutcliffe, Jack Watts, Justin Westhoff

My Prediction

Port looked good last year. Much like Brisbane, they had an historically good scenario with primarily home games and a good run with injuries. They entered the year with the coach under pressure to perform and relying on a lot of young players to step up and take ownership over the team. They have drafted very well over the past couple of years and shown just how quickly you can turn things around if you get the right people.

The backline is an interesting one because it was the best performed in the points against stat but they look to have built it even further this year. The recruitment of Aliir Allir makes sense and I think he will likely come straight in but the rookie drafting of Goldsack is baffling. Clurey and Jonas form a solid foundation, McKenzie has been resurrected from the dead and they have quality half backs in Byrne-Jones and Hartlett.

The midfield is a very good mix of youth and experience. Wines, SPP and Rockliff give them plenty of grunt and ball winning. Boak, Duursma and Houston give them run and attack. They have their young brigade running through and looking for more time in the middle with Butters and Rozee. They generally have good users of the ball although SPP has a tendency to butcher it.

The forward line looked great based on Dixon remembering how to football and giving them a focal point. Marshall looked like a player and their young talent was dangerous. Rozee and Butters always look likely around goal. Robbie Gray looks to have dropped a yard in pace but remains dangerous and they have added Fantasia who if they can keep him fit physically and mentally engaged is going to make them a better team. His delivery into the forward 50 is as good as anyone in the game.

The rucks are again enough to make you question the need for a quality ruck with them carrying the awe inspiring duo of Lycett and Ladhams. They are both capable but the team relies more on the quality of their midfield than the taps that give them the ball. The coach needs a premiership to round out the resume, he has gotten the team to the top of the ladder and had them playing attractive footy, at some stage soon he needs to go the next step.

Port had a stellar year last year and looked every chance to make the grand final but just fell over at the final hurdle. Cant help but feel it would have been more interesting had they made it. They have added a couple of talented players to their list (and an over the hill hack) to have another run this year as well as the improvement expected from their young players. I think they are still a top four team but not the top team, I think they will finish 3-4.


Oddly enough I think Ebert will leave a hole they might struggle to fill.
Particularly if Fanta continues to struggle with injuries.
Not sure about their midfield/ small forwards depth either.
A good run there with injuries & they’ll be thereabouts- a few absences & they might revert to flaky Port.

All I can say is thank fark Westhoff is gone.


Port best 22

B: Jonas Clurey McKenzie
HB: Byrne-Jones, Aliir Hartlett
C: Duursma Rockliff Amon
HF: Rozee Marshall Butters
F: Fantasia Dixon Gray
Foll: Lycett Boak Wines
I/C: Ladhams Powell-Pepper Burton Georgiades

EMERG: Houston Motlop Woodcock Lienert, Lachie Jones

Port have lots of young talent coming through and some depth as well.
Should make top 8, and would be aiming to go deep in finals again, interesting to see if they miss Westhoff and Ebert.
Fantasia a good in if he can get on the park, and Aliir should slot straight in the defence in a key defender role.

Rockliff, Boak and Hartlett all getting on, so would want to get success or close to while they are, I squeezed Georgiades in, think he could have a break out year.

I’m not convinced they can cover the loss of Jack Watts.


Tyson Goldsack to win the B&F

Fold and die

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They will be thereabouts this year. They are legitimate contenders. They will find the going a bit harder this season with more road trips negating their home ground advantage. They look strong all over the field. Fanta adds class providing he can stay on the ground. Alir Alir covers the loss of Westhoff, and the 3 young guns they drafted are all quality.

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Awful institution. I wish only bad things.


Fat Eddie is gone, lets move onto Koche…

Top 4 and Fanta to kick 30+

If you listened to the media and the club the last few days you would think they already have won this years flag. They played a decent amount of games at home last year, had a soft draw and still lost a home final to a side that had been playing on the road for 4 months. Sometimes young sides take a step backwards and hopefully they have been drinking their own bath water and slide down the ladder.
Still think they are only a couple of injuries away from mediocrity


Gray Dixon & Boak are important. if they get old or injured then they like all teams are vulnerable.

Gray 32
Boak 32
Dixon 30
Jonas 30
Hartlett 30
Rockliff 30
Motlop 29
Lycett 28
McKenzie 28

Goldsack 33


Georgiades 19
Butters 20
Duursma 20
Rozee 21
Farrell 22
Marshall 22
Drew 22
Ladhams 23
SPP 23
Houston 23
Bonner 24
Burton 24
Byrne-Jones 25
Fantasia 25
Amon 25
Wines 26
Aliir Aliir 26
Mayes 26

I imagine Port would be pretty comfortable with their list demographic.



After taking in to account one-off COVID-19 related and restructuring costs of $1.186m, depreciation and non-cash balance sheet adjustments, the Port Adelaide Football Club incurred a statutory loss of $4,040,579.

As a result, the club finished the season with additional borrowings of $4.275 million, increasing its overall debt position to $12 million.


Wow that’s pretty dire. 1.2m COVID loss out of a total loss 4m is not a great position to be in when you had a good year.

Maybe Port could have a chat with Demetriou to learn how they can raise extra funds by laundering money


I didn’t realise the depreciation on Tarps was so serious.


Port fans rapt with Fantasia in their intra, a lot of them already bagging us for accepting unders for him. But we are hard to deal with ffs