Season 2021 - Sydney


Coach – John Longmire

2020 –

Points For – 15th
Points Against –12th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jack Lloyd
  2. Luke Parker
  3. Tom Papley
  4. Dean Rampe
  5. Harry Cunningham

2020 Rising Star Noms

Justin Mcinerney (Rnd 15)

Ins – Logan McDonald, Braeden Campbell, Errol Gulden, Malachy Carruthers, Tom Hickey

Outs – Aliir Aliir, Zac Foot, Michael Knoll, Jack Maibaum, Harry Reynolds, Brady Rowles, Ryley Stoddart, Elijah Taylor, Jackson Thurlow

My Prediction

The general consensus amongst those who know much more than me is that the Swans are crushing a rebuild and are set for bigger things in the shorter term. I am not sure if this is based in fact or relying on muscle memory which has rarely seen the current incarnation Swans outside the eight for any significant period.

The backline performed reasonably last year and looks like their strongest area. Rampe gets the big jobs and does them well, McCartin has come through and will continue to build. I think they will miss Aliir this year but Melican looks solid and they get drive from Lloyd, Dawson and Mills. Playing most of their games on the postage stamp SCG certainly helps their backline as does having a midfield not scared to work defensively.

Every time I think Kennedy is too beaten up to carry the team, we play them and he destroys us. They will need him this year. Parker is another one you would think needs to maintain what has been an incredible level of output again this year. Blakey will come through the midfield and they have good younger players coming up in Cunningham, Florent and Rowbottom. Heeney and Mills couldn’t certainly come through and relieve some of the pressure.

The forward line is set with the recruitment of McDonald who I think can have a pretty good impact in year one. I sit firmly in the camp that can’t believe North let him get to Sydney. Who knows what Franklin will deliver this year. He looks shot but you can’t write off a champion, he is another player likely to rip us to shreds. Papley is one of my favourite players to watch and an absolute gun. Throw in Heeney and Hayward and you have a pretty functional forward line albeit one with a young full forward and a broken centre half forward.

The rucks look a worry for mine with Hickey likely to step in as number one ruck and be supported by Sinclair. This would be close to the worse ruck division in football with the least amount of upside. Naismith may find his way back towards the end of the year but you wouldn’t want to rely on him with his history. There isn’t much we don’t know about Longmire. I think he had his chance to leave the Swans gracefully when the North job was available last year and I think he should have taken it. The game plan will always give them a chance but I think with their cattle he has some pretty big challenges ahead.

I don’t see the bounce coming next year, I don’t think it is coming any time soon as I would expect Parker and Kennedy to have a reducing output from this point forward and if Franklin was a racehorse, you would put him to stud. They have some bones to build around but there are hole in their line up that are really hard to look past. I think they will finish around the same range again next year. 14-16 for mine.


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More dour defence is their best chance to grind out wins, though they will be few and far between again. The back half is their strength, but it is a relative term considering the other holes in their list. They did very well at the draft, with McDonald being an unexpected bonus selection.

Their mids are tough and uncompromising, Kennedy continues to be a marvel as the inside bull and Parker is class but they lack pace outside.

The forward half has a lot of question marks hanging over it, mainly due to the availability or otherwise of Franklin. His continued presence in the game is now looking more and more problematic. Papley needs help, he can’t continue to be a one man forward line, as good as he is, teams have started putting more work into him and have halved his effectiveness. Longmire will always get the best out of them, and is tough, effective coach, but he won’ be able to get them to rise out of bottom third of the ladder.

I heard they were going to be bubbled in Melbourne but for the game versus us we still both fly back north for it.


You will BOW!


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Only a minor mention of The LIZARD!?

I’ve read worse reviews, but not many.

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You should be grateful to be able to travel anywhere at the moment.

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If the Lizard is going to play midfield he’d want to be a better midfielder than he is a forward. Otherwise his career mightn’t be lasting much longer

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I read somewhere the other day that sydney approached the afl with an offer to sit out future drafts if they had exclusive rights over nsw talent. Can anybody verify if this is true or b.s?

Also i think they’ll bounce back quickly as usual and will be competing for top 8 again. Their drafting and blooding of young players has been pretty good of late. Another team that will go up, down and back up before we even go up.


best 22 2021

B: Mills, Rampe, Melican
HB: Lloyd, McCartin, Dawson
C: Florent, Kennedy, Stephens
HF: Blakey, Buddy, Heeney
F: Papley, McDonald Sinclair
Foll: Hickey , Parker, Rowbottom
I/C: Hewett, , Hayward, Cunningham Campbell

Emerg: Sam REID, Gould, Gulden

will buddy get back on the park.
can play tall forwardline due to buddy and Blakey good ground level skills and speed.
can see campbell and gulden getting a run at it early.

swans can see them bouncing out of the bottom four next year if buddy plays some games.

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Probably finish 7th-10th

Hope they crash and burn and tell Horse to get on his…himself.

Buddy’s pulled up lame again…time to bring out the screen

Sydney Swans coach John Longmire has confirmed star forward Lance Franklin has suffered a setback ahead of the 2021 season.

Franklin has played just 10 games for the Swans since the end of 2018, battling constant injuries at his second club.

Calf soreness is the latest niggle to sidelined the tall with Longmire explaining his timeline had been pushed back.

He aint cooked, hes practically charred ash at this point. And they still havent turned the oven off.


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