Season 2021 - Sydney

Tell the journo who wrote it mate :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anyone want to point out if we had of traded Daniher to Sydney we would have had McDonald as our CHF this year?

Nah me either.

Guilty as charged

I’m just amazed he’s got to year #8, barely.

So with 2 years left on his contract, how will it be outside the cap?

If he retires and they don’t pay him out?
If he succumbs to a career ending calf injury?

AFL will need to be creative to have a pay out to him be considered outside the cap.

Dustin Martin linked to being Lance Franklin replacement at Swans in AFL bombshell

Tyson Otto

A sly comment from Dustin Martin’s manager has opened the door to a bombshell move to Sydney as Lance Franklin’s replacement at the Swans.

The incendiary comments from Martin’s agent Ralph Carr has sent a shockwave through the competition less than four weeks before the opening round of the season.

Carr has told The Daily Telegraph Martin “loves” Sydney and wants to play for up to another nine seasons in the AFL.

The report claims Martin is attracted by a potential long term contract in Sydney, similar to the nine-year, $10 million deal Franklin signed when making his dramatic departure from Hawthorn.

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Dustin Martin has nothing left to prove.

Dustin Martin has nothing left to prove. Source:Getty Images

The stars could align for Martin to replace Franklin, with both players off-contract at the end of the 2022 season. Franklin, 34, has an uncertain future beyond his current contract. He has not played an AFL game since August 2019 as a result of injuries. His departure or retirement would leave the Swans with a war chest of salary cap space to tempt Martin away from the Tigers. It is purely speculation at this point.

Carr has not directly addressed the link with the Swans, but his comments about the three-time Norm Smith medallist’s fondness for Sydney will raise eyebrows.

“Dusty loves Sydney,” Carr said.

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“He’s there a lot and he originally lived in Camden with his dad. You’ve got to live there to really know how good it is.

“He loves rugby league, too, and he was hanging out with Cameron Munster the other day.”

Martin was also spotted sitting ringside with Canberra Raiders star Jack Wighton during Tim Tszyu’s knockout of Bowyn Morgan at Bankwest Stadium in December.

Carr said Martin, 29, wants to be the Tom Brady of Aussie rules and is capable of playing until the age of 38.

He is showing no signs of slipping from his status as the biggest star in Australian football.

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick says Martin has had an “incredible” pre-season and is ready to take another step forward in 2021.

“I’m worried he’s too far ahead. He’s training that well at the moment. He’s been incredible,” Hardwick told .

Lance Franklin has been unable to stay on the training paddock.

Lance Franklin has been unable to stay on the training paddock. Source:Getty Images

“He’s one of these guys who surprises me every year, Dustin. You generally think of the superstars of the competition that they come in and they do what they do, but there’s a reason they’re superstars.

“They generally work harder and are better at things that other players aren’t, and he tries to improve one part of his game every year. This year I think he’s taken on some noticeable improvement in his fitness. He’s trying to improve that part of his game and he’s training really, really well at the moment.

“I couldn’t be happier with where he’s at. Like I said, I’m worried he’s too far ahead of the game. I’ve got to slow him down a little bit because he’s his own worst enemy with how he works.”

Surely Sydney aren’t going to offer an eight year deal to a 30 year old?


Its just a manager trying to get a new deal for his player now.

  • Sydney is not going to offer 10 year deal to a 30 year old. Franklin was ~25-26 when the deal occurred.
  • I liked the bit where it said "Franklin’s future is uncertain beyond his current contract. :laughing:
  • It is all from his manager.
  • They don’t even try to pretend that Sydney has the same type of interest. It says “Carr has not directly addressed the link with the Swans”…
  • They do admit that “It is purely speculation at this point”. Gee, really???

Martin is top of his game now, but might not be in 12 months time. Great time to get the contract extended past 30.

I’m sure Dusty likes going up there to get on the nosebeers in relative anonymity, certainly compared to Melbourne. It’s why Buddy went up there. It would be a typical Bin Chicken move…


Saw some updates in this Thread and was sure they’d be about @Diggers being left out of the Bin Chickens 8 (or is it 18) person Leadership Group.
He must be gutted.

And for those pedants pointing out the Diggers doesn’t actual take the field, neither does Buddy & he’s still in the Leadership Group.


8 years? Pfft… 10 years with an option for a further 10.

Not a bad sledge there, 'sockboy.

Far out Lance has grown a lot.

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P Mccartin to play for swans ressies this year.

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I fear for McCartin’s long term health.


I suspect the damage is already done.

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Clubs should be incumbent on maintaining player health. Any club that plays him is complicit in any health issues he has going forward.


One would think they have already checked with doctors.

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The thing is, he hasn’t played for near on 2 years. So he will be feeling OK, be symptom free, but that’s not the point. Every hit to the head he gets, the impact on him will be more severe and the after-effects will be longer lasting. His next hit could be one that creates permanent damage. He shouldn’t be allowed to play in the AFL again, the his support network should be strong enough to tell him not to. Really the AFL should make the decision for him and say he’s too much of a risk to be insured.

If I was him, I would take this as my lucky break, I’m living a happy, healthy life. Get involved in coaching, throw your energy towards that and maybe look to be an AFL coach by your mid-30s. Do all the pathway work, coach a TAC Cup (or whatever it’s called now) U18 team, go work for a VFL/SANFL/WAFL club, do all that. Or get into being a player manager. Whatever floats your boat. He’d have plenty of opportunities…

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Probably but CTE can only be properly diagnosed during a postmortem investigation.