Season 2022 - Adelaide


Coach – Matthew Nicks

2021 –

Points For – 13th
Points Against – 17th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Rory Laird
  2. Ben Keays
  3. Paul Seedsman
    =4. Brodie Smith
    =4. Tom Doedee
    =4. Taylor Walker

2021 Rising Star Noms

Lachlan Sholl (Round 4)
Riley Tilthorpe (Round 13)
Harry Schoenberg (Round 18)

Ins – Jordan Dawson, Josh Rachelle, Jake Soligo, Zac Taylor, Luke Nankervis

Outs – Tom Lynch, Jake Kelly, David Mackay, Ronin O’Connor, Tyson Stengle, Daniel Talia

My Prediction

Adelaide is the reminder of what happens when you screw with your culture and how hard it is to get things back on track. From grand final to allegedly nursing their team mates potatoes somewhere in the South Australian bush, it hasn’t been a stellar couple of years for the Crows although adding Dawson and Rachelle on top of a good draft hand last year shows there is the beginnings of a rebuild taking shape.

The backline has lost some genuine talent over the last couple of years and it is hard to imagine a backline less capable of getting the job done. Doedee has been a solid performer and should be better for his play last year but I dont think of him as a stopper. They will miss Kelly and will rely heavily on Butts with run coming from Brown and Smith.

The midfield is maybe the worst in the AFL at the moment. Dawson will add some class on the wing. Keays is a solid plodder and Seedsman can kick but hardly a two way runner. Sloane looked beaten up last year and Laird was good. I think surely Hately gets a few more games.

The forward line is still going to rely on Walker but Tilthorpe will be better for his game time last year. Fogarty continues to tease and look like he might be a genuine player as does Milera. It is a forward line that needs goals from it’s midfield which aren’t going to happen.

The rucks are ok, Reilly O’Brien looked like he was going to be amazing and hasn’t probably come along as much as they would have liked but he will and Tilthorpe is a handy back up. The coach has a hard job and it’s hard to decipher his game plan. Adelaide isnt generally known for it’s patience with it’s coaches and I wonder how much longer he gets.

Adelaide is a team with a very average forward line that will rely on goals from it’s midfield who wont kick goals meaning the pressure goes on the backline which is possibly the worst in the AFL. I just dont see the improvement coming this year and at their worst could compete for the spoon, at their best could climb out of the bottom four. I think bottom two is most likely.


Thought they’d be a year ahead of where they are.
Top five players is damning.
Still, they have a weird ability of beating very good teams.
I think there will be at least three worse teams.

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Best 22

B: Nick Murray, Jordon Butts, Brodie Smith

HB: Andrew McPherson, Tom Doedee, Wayne Milera

C: Jordan Dawson, Ben Keays, Paul Seedsman

HF: Harry Schoenberg, Riley Thilthorpe, Josh Rachelle

F: Neil McHenry, Darcy Fogarty, Shane McAdam

FOLL: Reilly O’Brien, Rory Laird, Matt Crouch

I/C: Rory Sloane, Chayce Jones, Luke Brown, Lachlan Murphy

EMG: Elliott Himmelberg, Luke Pedlar, Brayden Cook, Jackson Hately, Sam Berry, Billy Frampton

Taylor walker missing a number or rounds, means i’m expecting their finals campaign to be written off early in the season.
They have some ok kids just outside 22, They would be hoping Hately delivers this year, like us with Caldwell. I expect Rachelle to play early possible from round 1.


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They aren’t that bad IMO.
Bottom 6 material but saw some good signs of improvement last year. They will win enough games against fellow strugglers and even surprise a couple of contenders along the way



What about Frampton ? He looked a likely key forward when he played against us last year.

genuine potato.

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added him to emergencies for you.

Thilthorpe can play relief ruck. so no need for Frampton, he is more a relief/ Emergency type, will likely continue to get AFL contracts as 200cm and can play a bit.

Himmelberg was the one I felt I should have tried harder to fit in, and then they go with traditional 3 tall forward set up, but rather squeeze new kid Rachelle in.

frampton is only rivalled by Todd Marshall for SA’s worst key forward


The strong home ground advantage will be enough to get them at least 3-4 wins at home and they’ll snag a win or two on the road… 6-7 wins for the season (14th-16th) and enough to avoid any spoon.

I had only noticed him in the game vs Bomber when we smashed them, but Frampton took 11 marks and many were strongly contested.

Guess one game doesn’t make a champ.

That’s a ripper analysis @Allblack. They don’t look good at all and a couple of injuries will see them totally cooked. Hard to see Walker make it through the season.

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Apology to Collective Mind

February 5, 2022 — 11.59pm



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On 4 July 2020, an article was published in The Sunday Age and on The Age website reporting on the Adelaide Crows camp in 2018. The article made a number of statements about Amon Woulfe, Derek Leddie and Collective Mind. The Age acknowledges that SafeWork SA made no findings of wrongdoing against Collective Mind. The Age acknowledges that the camp was run in good faith and with the players’ interests front of mind. If the article was read to suggest otherwise, The Age withdraws that suggestion. The Age apologises and expresses regret if the article caused hurt and offence to Mr Woulfe, Mr Leddie and Collective Mind. The Age has withdrawn these publications.

Now that is interesting.
That’s gone unchallenged for 3-4 years.

Bottom 4

Most interesting part of the article.
Describes Adelaide accurately.

Apparently Eddie Betts biography has now been delayed on the back of the recent media retraction. Allegedly this has irritated Betts and his book will now expose some further truths which he was going to avoid telling.