Season 2022 - Brisbane


Coach – Chris Fagan

2021 –

Points For – 1st
Points Against –5th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Dayne Zorko
  2. Hugh McCluggage
  3. Jarryd Lyons
  4. Brandon Starcevich
  5. Daniel Rich

2021 Rising Star Noms

Deven Robertson (Round 15)

Ins – Darcy Fort, Darcy Wilmot, Kai Lohmann, James Tunstill,

Outs – Connor Ballenden, Grant Birchall, Tom Joyce, Archie Smith, Brock Smith

My Prediction

Gee, it hurt the first time I saw big Joe run around in a Lions jersey. By half way through I couldn’t have cared less. It is pretty much how I feel about the Lions in general. There is a mild dislike but more than anything, they don’t really matter. They have done a good job turning around their list but in the heat of finals, two years in a row, they have been found out.

Their backline is solid, Andrews is a gun and they love Adams, I am not sure why. Starcevich and Rich are in the mix for best half backs in the competition from an attacking standpoint but not sure on their stopping ability.

The midfield is quality, Neale (who may or may not want to be there anymore), Lyons and Zorko compete with Essendon for shortest midfielders. They win the ball though and hurt the opposition when they have it. At times they lack the two way running needed come finals but that is what Mitch Robinson is for, every team needs a meathead and they have a good one. Rayner seemed destined to up his midfield time last season and will be interesting to see if he comes back ready for that or another season up forward.

Best performed forward line in the competition from a scoring perspective but playing so often at the Gabba doesnt hurt that. Daniher was solid for them last year until that first final where he was ■■■■■. They have recruited Fort from Geelong which seems weird because Geelong havent been able to find a decent ruckman in ten years. They would really like Cameron to come back to his best this year, he felt a bit lazy last year.

McInerney is a good start from a ruck perspective and I think they need him to stay fit. Daniher looked ok up the ground but he isnt a permanent solution and I dont think someone Geelong gave up is the answer to anyones ruck problems. Fagan has shown an enormous amount from a player manager perspective and has the players all working together, he needs to start winning some finals though as there is a nasty pattern developing.

The Lions are a hard team to read. Their absolute best 22 is very good but the quality after that drops off pretty rapidly. I think a really good run with injuries and they are a challenger, a poor run and they are bottom half of the eight. I will split the difference and expect them to finish 4-6.


Bottom 4.

Sadly they are Top 4 certainties


B: Marcus Adams, Darcy Gardiner, Noah Answerth

HB: Brandon Starcevich, Harris Andrews, Daniel Rich

C: Hugh McCluggage, Dayne Zorko, Mitch Robinson

HF: Cam Rayner, Dan McStay, Keidan Coleman

F: Lincoln McCarthy, Joe Daniher, Charlie Cameron

FOLL: Oscar McInerney, Jarrod Berry, Lachie Neale

I/C: Deven Robertson, Jarryd Lyons, Zac Bailey, Callum Ah Chee

Emg: Hipwood (acl) if returns, Rhys Mathieson, Nakia Cockatoo, Daniel Wilmot, Darcy Fort, Blake Coleman

Lions have some small talent on forwardline but will rely on Daniher to carry the big men, doubt he will be able to when it matters.
Interested to see how the coleman brothers go, they are lucky they have Charlie to learn off.

Solid backline, played a fair bit together now, which helps. Andrews is a gun, plus looks a bit like James Hird.

List is still ok, Willmot will replace Rich in the future, How will Rayner comeback from knee?, how long will Hipwood be out?, would be a handy inclusion for finals.

i can’t see this side missing the the 8, could even go top 4.

Does Neale trying to leave create problems with playing group we will see.

Prediction 3-8th

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Could go well.
But I reckon Andrews had a ■■■■ season last year & was exposed multiple times - there were rumours he was playing injured so we’ll see.
Birchall leaving after Hodge the year before also means the nappies are off their backline organisation, and Rich, Adams, and a couple of others seem too thick to organise a ■■■■ up in a brewery.
So I can see their lack of midfield two way runners really exposing their defence this season.
Add the risk of a certain ex Essendon player deciding he’s already done enough to prove himself to his teammates, and sitting on the fence is his preferred forward spot, trouble could loom.

There’s always a couple of teams that unexpectedly miss the finals - Brisbane, and the perennial favourite, Geelong, are my picks in 2022.


Despite them having Joedan, they will be top 4 again.


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Should be top 4 again, but beyond this year I feel they could be in trouble.

History tells us you typically only get three or four years of genuine premiership contendership, and they’ve under-delivered in finals these past two seasons.

will make finals, again

will choke, again


They needed to win it in 2020.

That was their chance, and they failed.

Joe has also farked up their system imo.


At the highest point?


How many fence JoeDan sit on?

Joe Daniher kicked 46 goals last year
Hipwoods best year is 37.

He has improved them, but he is not a saviour.

Brisbane need to win it soon due to aging stars

Zorko 32
Robinson 32
Rich 31
Lyons 29
Adams 28
Neale 28 + wants to leave

Imagine next year lions lose Zorko, Neale, Robinson, Rich…

Do we have someone on our list who can match Danihers goals output…likely not.

Stringer/2 Metre/Jones 30-40 range

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Stringer averaged more goals then Joe last year, no reason he cant do it again, just needs to stay on the park.

Dustys best goals playing midfield was 37…
unless Stringer stays closer to goal, I dont see him kicking over 40 goals.
If he does that as a midfielder then he should be AA and possibly Brownlow contention

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He kicked 41 goals in 19 games playing midfield last season?

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Yep and they’ll probably win every home game at the Gabba

Top 4 and to go out in straight sets again

They’ll never get a better chance than 2020 season and they absolutely choked

I can’t see then dropping any lower than 6th, should be good for 14+ wins which has you there and thereabouts for top 4. But they do have some issues. Midfield is their weakness for mine, lack the absolute depth and quality in numbers that the Dees and Dogs have, which was exposed in the finals by those 2 teams in consecutive weeks. The ruck is also a bit ordinary. McInerney is just an honest plodder and no Hipwood. Can Daniher cope with a full season without the 2nd key forward around him? Means he won’t get isolation as much and will be double-teams in the air as other defenders sag off without the threat of Hipwood to worry about.

I think they’d have beaten Bulldogs if not for the umpiring.

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yeh but first few were more forward.