Season 2022 - Fark Carlton


Coach: Michael Voss

2021 –

Points For – 10th
Points Against – 17th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Sam Walsh
  2. Jacob Weitering
  3. Harry McKay
  4. Patrick Cripps
  5. Ed Curnow

2021 Rising Star Noms


Ins – George Hewatt, Adam Cerra, Lewis Young, Jesse Motlop

Outs – Eddie Betts, Levi Casboult, Michael Gibbons, Liam Jones, Marc Murphy, Sam Petrevski-Seton, Sam Ramsay

My Prediction

One of the few joys I have been able to take out of football over the twenty odd years has been watching Carlton fans start celebrating each false dawn before their hearts get torn out again. It feels like they may have accidentally got it right this time, I hope not but we will soon know.

The backline was dire last year beyond the form of Weitering and Jones. They spent big money and may have the most expensive half back line in AFL history and it was largely ineffective. Williams is a massively overpaid spud who they kidded themselves into believing could transition into the midfield after watching one game a couple of years ago where he looked ok. Jones has sold his future rather than take his jabs and reinforced everyone’s gut feeling on just how bright he seemed

The midfield looked ok last year in large part because Walsh is an absolute gun, Carlton then went and did Carlton things and paid lots of money to Cripps for a long period of time despite the fact that he has spent two years looking like his body is breaking down. Cerra is a very good in and just about to hit his stride, I dont know who Hewett is but four years seems like a long contract for a player even the Swans were surprised had an alternate offer. Its a very average midfield with a couple of very good players.

The forward line is quality and it is going to get better if Curnow can stay fit. McKay as well is a very tough match up and a good player for as long as his shoulders let him. Silvagni is coming off his best year and Martin is largely the same inconsistent footballer he was at the Suns. They lack a quality small forward and will be hoping Motlop becomes that player.

Pittonet is a bog average ruckman and they will need a bit from him this year. Him and De Koning will be it for them this year. It feels like a gap in their list but if Cripps can get first hands as often as he has in the past maybe it wont matter too much. We all remember with great fondness how Crazy Vossy dismantled the Lions with his insane list management work and we would love to see it at Carlton but I suspect he will come back as a much more complete coach and be kept an arms distance from most list management decisions.

Carlton is an average list with some pretty good players. They should contend for the eight but I am not convinced they are as ready for the jump up the ladder that so many are predicting. John Barker on his way out last year claimed they would be next season’s Melbourne. That was enough to convince me that John Barker took way too many head knocks. I think they will be around the fringes of the eight but miss the finals. 10th-12th I think feels about the mark.




Fark, and I say this in the strongest of terms, Carlton

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A long term injury to McKay, and they are a bottom 4 side.

Fark Carlton Best 22

B: Caleb Marchbank, Lewis Young, Nic Newman

HB: Adam Saad, Jacob Weitering, Zac Williams

C: George Hewett, Patrick Cripps, Ed Curnow

HF: Jack Martin, Charlie Curnow, Zac Fisher

F: Jack Silvagni, Harry McKay, Jesse Motlop

FOLL: Tom De Koning, Sam Walsh, Adam Cerra

I/C: Mitch McGovern, Liam Stocker, Paddy Dow, Matt Kennedy

Emg: Josh Honey, Will Setterfield, David Cunningham, Jack Newnes, Lachie O’brien, Marc Pittonet, Lachie Plowman (return later in season?)

Sam Docherty injured still?? if not he comes into the side too.

Blues should be fighting out for a finals spot like last year, given their additions. Guess they finish 7-12th

Think Jesse Motlop might be a excitement machine for them.

I don’t believe in all the Blooos hype, never have. l am content to let them continue on their merry way. They did manage to get rid of a fair bit of dead wood last season, and Cerra is a quality addition, but there problems are more deep seated than that, their culture still stinks and they remain a bunch of entitled tossers. Long may they continue to believe they belong in the upper echelons of the ladder, without putting in the hard work.


Not enough Fark Carlton for me

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It’s been 9 years since Carlton made the finals…… Quick! we should make a Facebook page counting the days since Carlton made the finals.


Fark Carlton’s biggest issue lies with the rounds two of the draft and beyond. They routinely spend their first round picks wisely and grab top quality players but are consistently unable to surround them with any kind of support. So instead they overpay for players like Martin and Williams who never live up to their price tags.
This combination places a low ceiling of somewhere between 8-10th on the ladder before the aforementioned first rounders have spent their petrol tickets and the rebuild begins again. If they ever learn to grab a diamond in the rough with picks 30+ they might correct course but hopefully this will never occur and Fark Carlton.

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As my Carlton supporter mate says; even though they loved beating Essendon in a Preliminary final in 99……the ‘carry-on’ about winning a prelim, and caring very little if they won or lost the Grand Final was the cancer that destroyed Carlton.

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6th. Will win two finals.

Will then top up with players like Luke Parker, Charlie Dixon and Luke Shuey, will then come 10th in 2023, theyll sack voss and the cycle of crazy vossy will be complete

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Any AFL Best 22 that has Mitch McGovern in has serious worries.
And says a lot about the state of their list.

  • for the stats heads this is a bloke who managed a grand total of 3 1 percenters from his 5 games last year. Putting him in 523 position.

Is that right? Doesn’t sound right. That’s a long time!

was their last win. when we were deported from the finals series

Please advice if this happens.
I’ll be 1st in line to join.
This was a previous group but I this it’s been deleted or I’m blocked🤣

I would have said Mick Malthouse and Denis Pagan killed Carlton, and it was glorious to watch.

So glad we lost McKenna, Saad, Fantasia and Daniher. Should have got rid of Daniher much earlier when he refused to do the rehab.

Mods ban this fool.

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