Season 2022 - West Coast

West Coast

Coach - Adam Simpson

2021 –

Points For – 9th
Points Against – 14th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Nic Naitanui
  2. Dom Sheed
  3. Andrew Gaff
  4. Jack Redden
  5. Jack Darling

2021 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Sam Petrevsvki-Seton, Campbell Chesser, Brady Hough, Rhett Bazzo, Jack Williams, Greg Clark,

Outs – Brendon Ah Chee, Brayden Ainsworth, Jarrod Brander, Jarrod Cameron, Will Collins, Mark Hutchins, Ben Johnson, Brad Sheppard, Nathan Vardy, Daniel Venables

My Prediction

Spending a significant period of my youth growing up in Western Australia has led my down the path of total hatred for this football team and their chardonnay sipping feral supporters. I am looking forward to watching them fill my in season facebook feed with their disappointment and I shall lap up their self entitled tears.

The backline didnt perform last year and if anything, is a little worse this year. Hurn is a gun off half back but looked a tad cooked last year, McGovern and Barrass give them their key cover and they have Duggan giving them some run. They would have hoped to have a couple more years from Sheppard and will be interesting to see how they cover his retirement, you would think Witherden is a plug and play sort of choice but he is so soft and unaccountable that its a wonder he isnt at Carlton.

The midfield looks pretty good on paper but didnt work last year. Shuey has the captaincy but also has a potentially serious leg injury and may not start the season. Gaff hasn’t looked the same player as a couple of years ago and neither has Yeo. Kelly hasnt looked the player he was in Geelong and doesnt look like he will. The midfield has the joy of being fed by NicNat and without that, the situation would be much more dire.

The forward line is an interesting one. Kennedy is a superstar, a superstar that looks well and truly past his best and should maybe have hung up the boots last year. Instead he will carry even more of the load as Darling reminds the world that he is operating off an IQ only slightly larger than his jumper number. They let Brander go and now it turns out they could have used him at either end of the field. They will need Allen and Waterman to develop even further and their small forwards to hit the scoreboard regularly. Ryan is a great player but not sure what Rioli will bring (or where he will hide it).

Nicnat is still probably the best tap ruck, he does sweet FA around the field and has bodgy knees but they need him to stay fit. He is still their most important player. No idea who their next ruck is and I dont think they do either. Simpson is a premiership winning coach, this probably buys him a little more time but West Coast fans are feral and I think they will turn on him this year.

Their list has a little premium talent although a lot of it is past it’s prime. They remind me of Hawthorn a year or two ago and I think the crash is coming. They havent had a rising star nom for a couple of years which says they have not a great deal of talent coming through. I think this year the slide begins, I think they will finish in the 12 - 14 range.


Nic Nat won their B&F? I am surprised by that.

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B: Liam Duggan, Tom Barrass, Josh Rotham

HB: Shannon Hurn, Jeremy McGovern, Andrew Gaff

C: Sam Petrevski-Seton Luke Shuey, Dom Sheed

HF: Liam Ryan, Oscar Allen, Willie Rioli

F: Jack Darling, Josh Kennedy, Jamie Cripps

FOLL: Nic Naitanui, Elliot Yeo, Tim Kelly

I/C: Jack Redden, Tom Cole, Jack Petruccelle, Alex Witherden

Emg: Campbell Chester, Jake Waterman, Luke Edwards, Bailey Williams, Jermaine Jones

Maybe simpson will send Gaff or Yeo to half back to give some more run. And will give Petrevski-Seton a chance on the wing. Hope he does well and Carlton end up with egg in their faces.

If Eagles are forced to Hub they will be bottom 6
If Eagles get their full allotment of home matches and favourable umpiring then will be battling out for 8 (7-12)

My value bet for the spoon, especially if they become the East Coast Eagles this season.

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Very thoughtful @Allblack to post outside the Hangar for @Diggers to read.


Fascinating and hilarious that both 2018 Grand Finalists are in such a terrible situation <4 years later


Such a beautiful paragraph…it brought tears to my eyes.

This describes me except I arrived here in 1988 and have had to put up with 30+ years of Channel Eagles and the love fest for this drug taking pack of scum.

Someone once asked me to describe my hatred of this mob…I told them that if you could make up a team of the worst people in history, I would more than likely support them if they were playing against the eagles.

I’ve mellowed a bit over the years…nah, that’s I lie…I still farken hate them.


They are cooked, properly cooked. Nic Nat on one knee is still their best player, and daylight to the second, that tells you all you need to know about their list. They went out and got SPS, who has never impressed me, l wait to continue to be underwhelmed by him. A lot falls on the shoulders of Oscar Allen, now that Darling has decided to follow the example of Liam Jones. Allen is a fine player, l just feel he will be asked to do too much, by providing coverage in the ruck, forward line and defence. Their recruiting has been ordinary and last season they showed how they lacked any resilience when removed from the source of their power/wins, Dean Marghetts. Life on the road is something they didn’t handle very well, this year they will be worse.

They will never bottom out completely playing 11 odd games at home. But they are cooked.

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How soon you forget the glorious year that was 2010 when this rabble won the spoon


move this back to the hanger please. thanks

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disgusting football club.



I think they are ripe for absolutely falling off the cliff. Would not be surprised if bottom 4

Half these ■■■■ eyed Chardonnay sipping soy bean supporters are still cheering for Benny to kick it to big Q each game. They have no idea what they are watching, or who they are watching, but yell “BALLLLL” every opportune moment.

I hate them with a passion I usually reserve for slow walkers in shopping centres or people who don’t give way. I cannot wait to watch them fall off the perch.

Fold and die with all your ■■■■■■■ members, piece of ■■■■ football club.


Druggie club

Some nice rants in here. Very good stuff.



Josh Kennedy seems a really good bloke as well as being a gun full forward


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Let’s pray the border stays shut & they are hubbed in Melbourne.


Slow walkers in shopping centres. :joy:


Pretty fair effort from 50% game time.