Season 2023 - Adelaide

A mostly anonymous team. They will still be relying on Laird to do too much for them. He is a great little player, but he can’t cover all the deficiencies they have. Keays offers some star quality in the midfield, while Sloane is just about done. Tex did better than expected last season, but it is doubtful he can wind back the clock again. Thilthorpe needs to step up in the forward line and take control, which is a big ask. Their small forwards look more dangerous than their stalls. Fogarty is a bull and needs to play like one, instead of going missing. The defence looks very thin for quality.

Fogarty kicked two goals in his first five games last year, and then 31 in his next 12.
The penny really seemed to drop for him, and he is still giving space to Tex. Thilthorpe needs to do the same, but he is two years younger.
Sometimes you have to be patient with the big guys.


Ex Filth player, Tyler Brown has been picked up in the SSP as a replacement

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Woodenspooners, for me.

Not spooners, but in the bottom 8.

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