Season 2023 - Geelong

The game is very winnable Alex.
The big question mark is how we manage the group on a 5 day turnaround.

That may get us.


Actually, splitting the next 2 would be huge.
Then 1 out of 3 has us in the season.

But yer, 1 week at a time and all that.

A man can dream

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This year is not going to be the first time that Geelong have profited in terms of win/loss with playing us in the round after ANZAC Day and off a shorter break than usual.

We already know how good they are but the fixture is usually pretty kind to them as well when they play teams.

I think short turn around makes it very hard to beat cats, means we need to win Anzac day IMO.
At most we could bring in up to 5 changes on a short turnaround - replacing the young and older players (Hepp/Phillips) who wont be able to recover, plus those that are sore. Thats really all the depth we have.

I wonder what we do if we are down by 6 goals early in the last on ANZAC Day ?

Do we call it and rest our whole midfield ?

If its in reverse and we are leading, we know Coll will keep coming like madmen thru the corridor, unless the lead is something ridiculous like 7 goals +

I’m assuming the team selection this week will also be based on the following week.

i.e we play Phillips this week, and leave Weideman out of the team. Knowing that Phillips will miss against Geelong and we have a tall replacement.

Similar with Snelling/Menzie and Davey Jr.

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Why wouldn’t they rest up if 5 goals down given their 5 day turnaround coming up with injuries mounting

Im hoping they would.
It all depends on the game though.

There are massive momentum swings going on in the first 5 rounds.

Far out. We never get them at a good time it seems.

Ruptured testicle for Henry

Geelong have an injury curse?
I thought we were cursed.
What do they have to ■■■■ and moan about?


Not many names I can recognise in their VFL side, for whatever that’s worth.

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They only had 3 or 4 senior players play.

They aren’t very transparent with their injury list either.
Only test, TBC or short term.

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Tullamarine turf at it again!

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Had an interesting chat with someone with a first degree connection to the Geelong fitness program on the weekend. I asked them why they were able to keep old blokes on the park better than other clubs.

Their take was that led by Selwood the senior players had created a play hard, recover harder culture within the club. So the team is as competitive with their recovery as they are at training, boxing or in the weights room.

Player led is always going to beat club led


Woosha was the “standards are driven by our players” guy and look how that ended up.

It might be good for other clubs, but not for us. We need scott to drive the players. It was even admitted by some players after his appointment saying exactly that, that they needed a coach to push them


Yeah turnaround leadership requires a hard liner. But it won’t get you to the promised land. You need to start with uncompromising standards set by a hard nut, make those standards part of the culture, and then make them self enforcing

Completely agree, but i just think for now, it’ll be brad driving those better standards. He needs to di thst for as long as it takes. But once at a acceptable levek, those senior players need to steo uo and di exactly what your saying

I woukd consider on field leadership a huge problem with us. Its time for those middle-aged guys to stsrt pressing it. Redman, Ridley, pidge (has been awesome, big tick) parish, weed etc

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Enter Joel Selwood stage right, grinning.

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