Season 2023 - GWS


Going along pretty nicely now the Giants. They play a pretty honest and reliable brand of footy under big rig Kingsley. He has got this group playing a good system that looks predictable to one another.

They have only really had one game where they got beaten by any sort of margin (against the Pies). And well, losing to the Eagles in round 2, even though it was before all the Eagles injuries was one they’d like back. But generally they’ve been super consistent.

They have Whitfield and Brent Daniels to slot back in now too.

Bedford has been a shrewd acquisition.

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We were into Bedford as well weren’t we?

Yeah we were. Either he or Bobby Hill would have been nice.

Yeah we ain’t beating them away

Inaugural Greater Western Sydney Giants co-captain Phil Davis calls it quits (

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Has been about as visible as Nic Nat over the last couple of seasons. At his best he was pretty good but he put himself ahead of his team by declaring himself fit to play in the GF against the Tigers, when he couldn’t run out of sight on a dark night.

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I’m all aboard the GWS bandwagon for the remainder of the season. They have played seriously good footy in the second half of the season. The type of disciplined, two way brand that I think can stack up pretty well against any of the top 8 IMO.

And crucially, they have timed their run absolutely perfectly in terms of list health and player availability.

With Xavier O’Halloran, Nick Haynes and Finn Callaghan all returning at either level this week (well Callaghan is a test), it means they have what I’d say is their best 25 players on their list available as they attack this last round and hopefully a finals series.

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Giants will probably lose this week, will be a shock to play an opposition.

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As a neutral I’d be far less interested in watching the Bulldogs play finals footy than watching GWS so I hope they win this week. Or that the injury hit Cats can still get the job done.

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Im hoping cats make it.
better draft pick for us.

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They will beat Collingwood next week. A Collingwood loss in the Prelim after the year they had is going to be delightful. Toby Greene currently paying $21 for the Norm Smith. Will be $3 on Friday Night.


Go GWS. Only non-intolerable side left.


start 3W 7L.
we beat 'em.
they get taylor back & briggs ANNOUNCES himself.
probably a few other changes.

but impressive turnaround.
worried they’ll tire after a short break & pies will beat them by a kick.


I have so much respect for the giants the way they go about it. Also their ceo Dave Matthews is a top bloke, i sent him a few ideas during the year via email and he called me for a chat and asked me to catch up for coffee with him :sweat_smile:.


I can tolerate them a bit more than the other mob with no fans. At least they stand for something and are ■■■■■■■ tough. Wish we showed as much spirit and heart as them.

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They drafted contested ball tough players initially and it set the culture. The suns drafted outside more athlete types, similar to what we have been doing for 20 years. It’s not surprise both clubs (ess, gc) have been absolutely crap despite a plethora of high picks over the years.


I know we lost by over 100 but GWS are playing some very impressive football should have beaten Port by 60+. I have alwaye been of the opinion they trade out to many players not keeping a core group together believing Kelly and co were getting past it but when up and running they are still one of the best midfield going around.


Unlike our stupid club, GWS trade out the ball butchers and keep the classy ball users. They also have a very balanced list.

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