Season 2023 - Hawthorn

Ask him any other week than the week they play the Eagles in Tassie


They generally score well, which I think has a lot to do with the fact that they rebound attack fairly quickly through the centre.

But this is a high risk approach that also allows other teams to score highly against them, and mostly they don’t have the skill/maturity to defend the transition.

Getting the balance between defence and attack right is the trick. And being able to do that slowly, and quickly, as needed at different times in games.

As we have found out over the last decade, being good at one aspect of the game really doesn’t get you very far.

Personally, I don’t rate Sam as a coach, and I doubt he’ll be able to build what needs to be built for them.

I just wondered if others rated their list as highly as my friend does. Melbourne had an abundance of talent well balanced across all lines from several years ago, and we could all see it. I don’t see that with Hawks.

Bar sicily and breust, not even a little bit and now that they’ve lost their shot at harley reid they are in for years of pain, particularly once tassie concessions further mess with their ability to bring high end talent in.

couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of flogs.

This ‘we’re ■■■■ so we’re going to crater our list and our ability to be competetive in order to get high picks’ approach is an absolute cancer on the league and should be met with the harshest draft sanctions possible.

I think their midfield is absolutely stacked to be elite in a few years Newcombe, Nash and Mackenzie are all sizable lads and know how to use their frame, little Josh Ward looks a gem, and Will Day is a star who’s shining when he gets mid time.

Mitch Lewis is a force up fwd and I think could pair up well with Koschitzke, then Dylan Moore… he is unreal

Biggest concern is defence behind Sicily there is not much, Blanck who knows, DGB looks all but a bust.
CJ looks awesome when fit but that’s starting to become an issue

I think they will surprise a few with how quickly it comes together and that really makes my stomach turn, the grubs deserve to wallow for how vile they were to us during the saga and every other decade to be fair


Defence is one of the easiest parts to build, which I think is the reason most teams start there. And when the rest of the team is being out-played, the defence gets lots of practice early on, too.

Yeah getting that gorilla back man has been so easy.

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They are so far off it. Of course there’s more upside in a young list sitting bottom of the ladder, the only way is up. They have some really good young players, and so do we. There’s nothing to suggest Mitchell will be a good coach. From the position they’re in, you pretty much have to do everything right or you sit in the bottom 8 for 10 years. Sicily will be done before their list is experienced enough a have a crack too.

There are 2 different things being covered in this sentence. They need to be treated separately. Their list has less upside at this stage than ours. Upside is all they have to look forward to right now, as their current list isn’t worth worrying about. When either club wins their next flag is a different proposition altogether. It could be decades away from either team.

I rate about 7 players

Josh Weddle is going to be a star too IMO. They gave up quite a bit to get him which spoke volumes about how keen they were and how highly they rated him and you can already see why.

I’d also add Dylan Moore to the list of players you mentioned.

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I just added Weddle to my super coach team, but without seeing him play, cant add him to list just yet, but sounds promising. And maybe worth trading up to get him.

Another one bites the dust.

Hmmm…rats, something, something…sinking ship???

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Jumping before he is pushed?

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Kennett pick. Isn’t too popular with the supporter base, and perhaps even in the management team.

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Since Kennett is gone, he no longer has anyone to cover his back. He has been Jeffe’d well and truly.

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New President in Gowers, new Board member in Merlino.
The media articles refers to him having a role in moving on Clarkson and appointing Sam Michell.

not at all. just another really good bloke who wants to spend more time with his family

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A family friend.

Was Reeves aroun d when Clarko and Fagan did what they are accused of doing?
I thought Reeves was at Collingwood at the time.