Season 2023 - Review

Brasher should have called for an external review. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that is what is needed.

Round 22 and 23 last year were pretty similar

I hope your surprise player will be McGrath, or Heppell falls on his freshly polished sword

Reflecting on it - we designed a game plan so we wouldn’t concede big scores. In the end, we not only conceded big scores but lost the ability to score ourselves.

Go us!



Big ■■■■■■■ fail. Again.

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We are soft.

Mentally and physically. I thought Scott would instill a toughness and hardness in our players. It hasn’t happened yet. I will be watching list changes with interest.


What a waste of a year. We know our experienced players are still ■■■■.

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Fail, not because of ladder position but these last two games, the complete lack of effort and ■■■■ attitude, big fat F.
I’ll be enjoying my weekends watching the mighty Sharks in the WAFL next year, ■■■■ these primadonnas.


Got our hopes up early in the season, only to finish like a bottom 4 team without the decent draft pick.

The good news is, Dodo can’t screw up a top 4 selection.

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We were decent most of the year and competed well with the best of them before falling off a cliff.

From the Geelong game on, we were a bottom 4 side. We went from 5th with a % of 107.1 to… well 12th or 13th with a % of 89.7

It doesn’t get more dramatic than that. Was it fitness, confidence, being worked out, loss of key players? whatever it was, it needs to be sorted and the list does need a cull

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My review

Last night I turned the match on 3 times and strangely enough it made it easier to review the year

Drop mark by cox

Weed not being able to kick 50m

Draper laughing in the stands

I could go on

Once again with an easy draw the club got ahead of itself… what should been a year of development became another year of ■■■■ pulling within the club

It was a year of discovery that our list isn’t that good out coaching wasn’t that good out selection wasn’t that good

But the biggest issue is our recruitment

If the club can’t see that then I’m afraid there is no coming back

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BS had a fair bit to say. Actions speak louder than words so it will be interesting to see if BS is talking BS or if he actually implements the processes require to drive the POSITIVE change that’s required.

It’s interesting to compare the trajectories of Essendon and Hawthorn’s season. They were awful early, looked like they were going to be uncompetitive. While we look good.

They’ve stuck with their philosophy all year, backed their kids and now they genuinely look a better team, while our wheels have fallen off (again).

Just highlights the unmitigated waste that was 2023.

Agree with this but I think Scott realises he doesn’t have the list at the moment to do anything different. We have no contested ball winners, no pressure forwards and no KPD, really what is he supposed to do with the list he has.

We need to back him now and let him turn over the list and be influential in our list management, to bring the types of players that can win contest and pressure opponents.

In our current state we don’t compete for anything for at least 3 years and that is only if the fraud of a list manager is removed…….if not I genuinely see no hope for us ever improving……and I mean ever!!

2 beltings in a week, great way to end the season and show everyone where the club is heading

I just dont understand how or why it looks like our players are always 5-10 metres behind our opponents

Not fast enough? Out of position? Not fit enough? Lazy? All of the above?

Just nowhere near anything

Our boys couldnt buy a beer from a idle cart on the side of the road at this point

Had 107.1% for the first 17 rounds. Went 57.8 for the rest. It was a complete drop off. I just do not understand how that happens in such a small period of time.

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How many fitness guys do you want to churn over before you cotton onto the fact that the club is the common denominator?
There’s someone upstairs (or a cultural issue) underlying everything physical.

The icing on the cake with our last 7 weeks may well be that it is the catalyst for some overdue change. One can only hope.

Omg it’s going to be brutal.