Season 2023 - Richmond

Isn’t that a hamburger?


Don Pyke would be great for them.

Any coach that wins a GF is a good coach, Dimma has won 3, that makes him an outstanding coach, regardless of any other consideration like the quality of opponents. He got them together and git them up and firing at the business end of the season. But for Mason Cox having a day out, he could easily have had 4 in a row, and that would have firmly cemented his name as an all great.


Interesting article in the Age which cites the number of marks we took in the Dreamtime game as a catalyst for Hardwick firming in the belief that his message wasn’t landing.

BDB really did end him.

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Given that of all the people who have coached in the history of VFL/AFL, only 17 have won three or more premierships, it’s pretty safe to say that Hardwick was a good coach

3 time premiership winning coaches

Coach Last premiership Club/s
Percy Bentley 1947 Richmond & Carlton
Reg Hickey 1952 Geelong
John Kennedy 1976 Hawthorn
Mick Malthouse 2010 West Coast & Collingwood
Damien Hardwick 2020 Richmond

4 time premiership winning coaches

Coach Last premiership Club/s
■■■■ Reynolds 1950 Essendon
Tom Hafey 1974 Richmond
Ron Barassi 1977 Carlton & North Melbourne
Allan Jeans 1989 St Kilda & Hawthorn
David Parkin 1995 Carlton
Kevin Sheedy 2000 Essendon
Leigh Matthews 2003 Collingwood & Brisbane
Alastair Clarkson 2015 Hawthorn

5 or more time premiership winning coaches

Coach Last premiership Club/s
Jack Worrall (5) 1914 Carlton & Essendon
Jock McHale (8) 1930 Collingwood
Checker Hughes (5) 1948 Richmond & Melbourne
Norm Smith (6) 1964 Melbourne


We ended Richmonds era glorious

Wonder how my Richmond mate is feeling right now lols.

I told him last year that the era was coming to an end he was confident that they could win another one lols.

That is 71/126 (56%) V/AFL premierships split between 17 coaches.


We should trade ours and next year’s first to get Harley, he is that good!

Take Leppa and then return to your natural state of misery, Richmond.

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I just don’t think something like 10 + 18 gets it done


But then West Coast on trade those picks, perhaps offer them our future 3rd also or even Martin/Guelfi

I would rather us keep Martin. He is still improving and has a high ceiling.

Leppa is at the pies now

So would I but for Harley you would not flinch if a deal could be made

It would be weird to approach Fevola for his thoughts right at this moment too.


hard to see you lump martin in with guelfi as steak knives.
Guelfi is handy best 22 player.
Martin was the second best first year player last year behind Daicos.
Martin value would be close to Reid, but worth more to us as proven than in a trade.
i cant see us having draft Capital to get Reid this time if pick #1 is up for grabs anyway.

The trouble is Martin would be only the steak knives in any deal for Reid, tacked on to the 2 first round draft picks that are the meat and potatoes of the whole deal. As such the price would be too high.