Season 2023 - St Kilda

I know he was battling mental health issues, did things escalate and he tried something?

Unsubstantiated but that’s the rumour that’s been going around.

Hopefully he has support around him during this time.


Sad if true.
Proof you should just let players have their space.
You never know what they are going through.

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St Kilda are such a rubbish club. Terrible, terrible players and a place where careers go to die.

I hope Marshall smartens up and gets out of there, Max King a lifelong supporter so will likely be stuck there for his career but Marshall still has a chance to escape this Kmart-eske football club.

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You’re new here aren’t you?

Kmart? I feel you’re being too kind. I’d have them at Reject shop levels of shitness. Long may they wallow in the depths of irrelevance.

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But much better performed than the Bombers over the past 20 years.


Anyone on this board commenting on how poor other clubs are really need a reality check.


St Kilda just had a better season than we’ve managed for 20 years


That sounds suspiciously like another club I know…


Rubbish recognises rubbish.

I live in a glasshouse and I do throw stones

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Tom Morris says the Membrey rumours are totally wrong, nothing to do with him rather a family member issue


Well, I’m very glad to hear that it wasn’t the case for Membrey.

But also, hopefully all is okay with the family member.

9 news have just said it was a sensitive mental health issue and that Membrey is under care at the moment

Not from what the coach and players have fed back. In any case hope he’s ok.

So you saying Tom Morris was telling BS? shocked

Just checking - he has deleted his tweet from yesterday also



When we get kicked out of the finals in week 1, it’s usually from 8th, not 6th.


remember when we played Freo (5th) and beat them from 8th…that was all mental, Freo had the better side.

Same against Dees in 04 - Finished 8th played Dees 5th. (dees were on top of ladder about a month prior) and was a big upset.

Yeah, but we had James Hird

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