Season 2023 - St Kilda

remember when we played Freo and beat them 5th from 8th…that was all mental, Freo had the better side.

Same against Dees in 04 - Finished 8th played Dees 5th. (dees were on top of ladder about a month prior) and was a big upset. We were competitive in the loss to the cats too.

Last Finals winning side - more talented than current sides we put out.

b: McVeigh Fletcher Welsh
hb: Solomon Wellman M Johnson
c: Stanton Hird Ramaneuskas
hf: Lovett-Murray Lucas Murphy
f: Cupido Lloyd Hille
R; Allan J Johnson Peverill
Int: Bullen, Bolton, Watson Haynes

Holy moly, Marc Bullen and Benny Haynes played in more winning finals than Jobe Watson.


Except for the glory years of 2014 and 2017 when we finished 7th

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The glory days of 2014 when we finished 7th and didn’t get thrashed in a final

To be fair at least we haven’t been smoked by an interstate team in a home final so that’s…


Imagine getting a home final

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I still maintain the fact that when we do EVENTUALLY get our ■■■■ together we will be the biggest club in the country. Will go well beyond 100k members


I think Collingwood are ahead but we would be 2nd. Need to move out of tinpot stadium as well


I’d love to see it, but there’s no chance of that now. Some bad decisions are unfixable.

The game everyone seems to blame Steinberg but forget to mention that bar Dyson Heppell our midfield went to water in the second half.

Ironically, we had too many slow big-bodied inside players in that team. North ran us off our feet in that second half.

Also, I blame Bomba for not moving Hurley off Aaron Black when Brown was clearly a bigger threat.


I agree.

The delayed gratification will only make it even bigger.

It will dwarf the Tiger army stuff from when they were going well after a long drought.

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Agree, I’ve said before on this forum I was doing the lap around AUS is 2004, up the east coast and across the savannah way, was at lake argyle listening to our final against dees, in my travels( nearly 3 months) I reckon bomber jumpers outnumbered everything else at least 3 to 1.

Vodka, line and zoda!

We haven’t done a lot to retain that ratio.

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Vale Cowboy Neale

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The changes that Essendon need to make