Season 2023 - St Kilda


  1. the first two lines
  2. the curtain slit so they don’t hurt themselves

What a toilet of a club

He doesn’t look like Ross’ type at all.

Had a quick look at the Saints fixture, and wow, they have a dream run. They only play 1 top 10 side twice this season (Bris). Only two of their next 11 games are against top 8 sides.


Have no fear. This is The Saints, they are still capable of making a total mess of their draw and missing the finals altogether. Having said that it is a dream draw and they should really be making finals from here.

I have a saints supporting friend that is still convinced they haven’t got a good draw.

They complained that they’re only playing Freo once (when they were out of form)

Bit of a change

Ask your mate if he fancies the Saints chances against Freo if they were playing this coming round.

Of course we get Geelong and St Kilda at their absolute hottest


What a surprise that a gameplan that revolves around a young list out-pressuring teams on a weekly basis runs into a few issues halfway through the season.

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I think they also relied on being fitter than the opposition and that advantage wears off after the first month or two of the season

On the flip side, Hawthorn, Gold Coast, GWS and Melbourne were all pretty bad against us compared to some of the footy they have played against other teams.


I thought our game against Gold Coast was pretty high quality. We played well to beat them

To my eye of questionable judgement they’ve looked better in their games against Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs lately. After round 2 I thought both GC and us looked no chance to be top 8 this year.

They had tough 2022 and 2023 runs, so a little bit of karma.

The shine is off and the size of the mountain RTB has to climb is becoming evident.

Anybody know what the RRB article in the HS is about?

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Age profile of their list isn’t great imo (for a side that’s a fair way off their window)


Their only saving grace is a lot of those old blokes are not playing in the seniors.

Yes but there is a chunk that are really important to the way they’re playing - hill, wood, Sinclair, Crouch

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