Season 2024 - Brisbane

That’s a ridiculous amount of money for McCluggage…Go Bears :crazy_face:


Their salary cap must be tight.

We can help them out by taking Cameron off their hands.

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Cameron Rayner and Starcevich are RFAs next year.

Joe also out of contract.

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I am not surprised he stayed, he seems pretty happy up there. It’s good for Brisbane to retain these players.

7 years (or 6) seems to be the new norm. Mill a year with the new salary caps seems about what you would expect for someone like McAntler.




Hey! I don’t want him back. Just saying they will have to pay him something.

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I thought he had another year? And I don’t want him back either!

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Very Good

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Actually it is a pretty good deal for both parties. Quite fair and about right on the money for value.

I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if Joe doesn’t go around again.

I disagree…he’s not in their top 2-3 most important players (imo) but that’s the sort of money they’ve given him.

He might or might not be top 2 - 3, but he wouldn’t be far off it, if he isn’t in the very top. By the second half of his contract, that sort of money will be more common right across the league.

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The early return worked well for Doedee

back just in time for us

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If the rehab goes to schedule, but with these things you can’t always tell.