Season 2024 - Collingwood



Oi…you married one.


Yer, cop that one Heffsgirl



Have we broke them or fixed them?

You don’t do “home truths” after losing a game to a team you think are good.

That’s the polite way of saying “you lost to a bunch of spuds” ala Dimma Hardwick last season.


So they expected to belt us again. Sucked in ■■■■■.


I’ve already self reported :sob:


If that’s true, it’s a pretty strange mindset. Our recent record against them is really solid.
2020 - Bombers by 15
2021 - We won both games, by 24 and 38 points
2022 - We lost on Anzac Day by 11 points when the Pies kicked 15.3 (it was the most accurate performance by an AFL team in years), and then lost later in the year to a kick after the siren (a shot that would be converted maybe two or three times out of 10)
2023 - Lost on Anzac Day by 13 after being the best part of six goals ahead and thrashed in the last match of the year when we were a complete and absolute rabble.
2024 - A draw on Anzac Day, when we were clearly the better team, and a win last Friday night, when we were clearly the better team.

That’s four wins, a draw, and three close losses in nine games, against a team that was top four in 2022 and premiers last year. I’d be happy for them to continue taking us lightly.


Howe will have next to no effect on the forward line. His greatest asset has been his ability to be last in a line, fly and spoil or mark over the top. In the forward line he will be the target for balls coming in and also for defenders spoiling and crashing into his back on packs. He isn’t KPF size and McKay marked all over him last Friday.


This is code for, “We have no idea how we lost that game” or in Blitzspeak “Essendon have gone past us.”


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its not really a truth telling session unless someones balls were cupped

Not sure I agree with this take.

He out marked both LAV and Redman with clever body work in the F50.

He also hit the scoreboard in the previous 2 close games when sent forward, and converts his chances.

This medical testing is likely a good thing, should prevent a Paddy McCartin situation again.
Also when players are seeing their team mates retire due to concussion they may actually change the way they go about contests for the better safety of the opposition.


Agree with your overall point, but a draw was a very fair result on Anzac Day.

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He’s the one most wanted when we took Massimo. He is only 24 so it is sad (but good for his health) to be retiring already.


Saw McRae in his presser after last nights loss pretty much give us no credit for the win last week.
Something like “We only played for a quarter and lost by 12 points”

He’s got to do this stuff tho, just to feed the fans enough bullshit to keep them turning up and buying DeGoey stamps.

They’ll have to give in to the fact they’re going to miss the finals


How good are the socials lately with the piose losing their last 3.

I had a mate spruik wait until we play you in the finals. I replied you will have to wait until 2025 champ, if you make it.


I am curious re free kicks Collingwood v Geelong. Can’t find …tx