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I gotta ask, probably stupid.
Could players be using banned substances to help heal injuries quicker that would lead to trouble if tested game day?

From the Guardian:

Andrew Wilkie has the first crossbench question. He asks Anthony Albanese:

Prime minister, why has your government twice prevented me from tabling these documents which contain evidence of appalling misconduct by AFL executives and some team staff? Why you trying to keep them secret? Or can I walk down and give them to you personally right now?


I note that walking around the chamber is disorderly, but I do note that the member for Clark has always, always had access to me, as other members do.

There is not a member of parliament here, including over there, up there, or behind me, who has asked to see me or made a phone call who has not had a call returned. Not one. Not one.

That is the way that I deal with parliamentarians. I deal with senators the same – with respect.

In general we have an approach that when documents are requested to be tabled, if people want that, the normal process would be to ask, as when I was a member of the opposition and wanted something to be tabled, if I was serious about it getting tabled, I would ask, show to the person who was the person at the despatch box, and receive that.

But I am aware that the member for Clark has made allegations. Those allegations, I’m not aware of whether they are correct or not.

You know, I have a big job. My job is not to, on the job description, isn’t the control of the Australian Football League. But if issues are raised, the Sport Integrity Australia is aware of the issue, and they have begun their assessment, and I’m sure that the member for Clark will forward any documentation to the appropriate body.

Live picture of the Melbourne medical room:


The AFL can’t have it both ways.

If they are arguing this is a legitimate good policy they have been doing behind closed doors to assist wellbeing of players. Then they need to wear some of the culpability of where Smith and Oliver have ended up. If they have been managing those players jointly with Melbourne they have seriously stuffed up.


I don’t see what the Govt has to gain by stopping Wilkie tabling the documents…although I’m not sure what the implications of tabling are?
@bigallan or other, can you shed some light on the tabling process?

I don’t know the precise procedures for tabling of documents, but from what I’ve read, practice is to give a head’s up before seeking leave to table.
As noted by Albanese, Wilkie had not sought to raise the issue with him.
Wilkie selectively quoted from the documents, perhaps no one else had any idea of its contents, not least the Speaker or Tony Burke ( Leader of the House). They would be wary of agreeing to docs being incorporated in Hansard records without knowing their factual veracity or understanding the context.
Once a document is tabled, it gets some credibility from being on the Hansard record and forces others ( with higher priorities or crowded agendas) to question or debate its veracity .


It’s always been a farce, I personally know that my local club has had drug testing over the years and that we have received warning ahead of time and have had to “rest” players. I have heard of that happening at SANFL level too but that has only come from chatter around the place so not sure if official or not and definitely didn’t happen at Norwood when ASADA busted Josh Glenn on the ‘roids

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Like growth hormone, anabolic & SARMS?

Matt Brunoli (Norwood) also got popped but iirc that was at a powerlifting competition.

Yeah, Matt had left Norwood by that stage. He got back into football several years ago and last I heard he is still playing in the amateur league

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Yeah I suppose, something on asada or wada list, then fake an injury to not be around on game day.

Stuff that I listed is banned year round and they definitely test during the week etc.
it’s basically only some stimulants that have in-competition but not out of competition bans.

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great that resources are being put to good use to ensure coke fiends can avoid pesky suspensions and bad optics.

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It’s not just the demons. Could be a few of our boys as well.


up to 100 players potentially exempt from 3 strikes policy mentioned in herald sun today, but was basically nothing in the story and they also put a photo in of the Essendon 34 boys in their story.

Imagine there would be a few suns lads, given Elijah Hollands issues.

And given the number agree with above, likely a couple of ours too.

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new goal celebration lights at Melbourne’s home games



Every heart beats true for the red mitsus,
As we sing this song for you,


Doesn’t this make the furore over previous ‘white powder’ videos, including Bailey Smith being suspended for two games for being photographed holding but not using less than two years ago…

…a bit stupid? And hypocritical?

You were photographed in possession: two weeks.

It’s actually in your system: one week.

Edit: let alone the fines…