Season 2024 - Melbourne

It is purely about image.


I’ve heard he really injured the finger by screwing the meth pipe too tight.


I hope he has a sponsorship deal for the memes that are about to come…


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No, coke.


The Advertiser choosing a good time to drop this little nugget of gold! :sweat_smile:


Sometimes clickbait delivers

Odd cloud formation spotted over Demon’s headquarters today


Our heart beat’s askew
Cos we’re on the googs
And snorted a line or two.

Our indiscretions don’t mean a lot
We’re not playing cos of “the flu”

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wow that is damning. this a club doctor who was in the middle of it at the time.
it shows the behavioural extremes that are accepted by clubs (racism at hawthorn; drugs at WCE) when a team is challenging for a flag.

my guess is the AFL will try to protect the club because they won a flag and isolate the whistle blower.


It’s Melbourne, it will get swept under the rug and Teflon Goodwin will keep on keeping on. Completely untouchable.


Unless you have proof, fark off.

Oliver must have been off the gear this week. But he did look like he was wearing some sort of corset holding his belly in.

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so this doctor spilling the beans , he’s like a doctor on curb . I recall a psychologist who kept on telling Larry about other patients .

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So, that whole “Melbourne cheating drug tests with off-the-books testing and then claiming fake injuries endorsed by the AFL” thing blew over pretty quickly, huh?


Well when you have both the AFaiL and the government saying they’re all sweet with it, what else did you expect?

It always was.

As soon as the AFL said that it was a feature and not a bug, the conversation was going to shift to whether the system needs change.

Not how Melbourne (and likely every other club in the AFL) are involved in it.